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Winning the race against AIDS
Standard Bank Team
Super Contributor

The visionary goals adopted at the United Nations General Assembly in the 2011 Political Declaration on HIV/AIDS heralded a moment of truth in the global AIDS response. By uniting to achieve the stated targets for 2015, the global community can move towards a world with zero new HIV infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS-related deaths.

Adopting a more focused and strategic approach to AIDS is essential for success. The world will succeed in meeting the targets for 2015 if sufficient and strategic investments are made in efficient and effective programmes.

Now is the time for action, the time to translate words of commitment into meaningful and lasting results for people. By mobilizing the political will, showing international solidarity and commitment, improving the strategic use of resources, and effectively deploying available tools, it will be possible to arrive at a world in 2015 that is decidedly healthier, more just and more inclusive than today.

The knowledge and the tools to defeat AIDS now exist. Decisions made now will determine whether this is truly the beginning of the end of AIDS.

Extracted from the 2011 UNAIDS World AIDS Day report. Download the full report at