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With car jamming on the rise, vigilance is better than cure
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When you park your car and click your remote to lock, you probably don’t give the action a second thought… We place a lot of trust in that plastic remote, and criminals know this.


Car jamming happens when criminals prevent your car from locking by using a modified remote to override yours to steal your property. This has become such a common occurrence that many shopping centres, filling stations and public parking areas now warn customers about the possibility.


While car and household contents insurance is essential to protect your hard-earned property against loss or damage caused by theft, many insurers in South Africa don’t cover car jamming, as it is not considered ‘forcible entry’. Fortunately, a few quick and simple safety tactics can greatly reduce your odds of becoming a target or lessen the consequences:


  • Be vigilant when parking your car. Take note of any people in the vicinity, and try to park in well-lit and populated areas.
  • Make sure you watch and hear the locks engage when you press the lock button on your remote and physically test the doors for good measure.
  • Many people carry a laptop or other electronics in their vehicles and criminals are well aware of this. Always back up your hard drive, make sure you have a password in place, and never store your banking details in a file that can be found on your device.
  • It’s better to take expensive electronics with you when you leave your car; you may attract the attention of criminals if they see you loading gear into the boot.

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