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World Aids Day, 1 December: Know your HIV status
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To make any impact on the HIV pandemic, each and every one of us has to fulfill our responsibility towards ourselves, our colleagues and our families.

The best way to do this is to get tested, know what your HIV status is, and then to live positively - irrespective of your HIV status.

Given that we live in an era where treatment is available, HIV is not the death sentence it is commonly thought to be. Instead, the big killer is ignorance. Not knowing your status puts you and others at risk. Not knowing about HIV in general leads to those living with HIV to be stigmatized and sometimes banished, ignored or shunned by their families, communities and work colleagues.

Many people with HIV are living extremely long, happy, productive and healthy lives. There should be no reason why everyone who is HIV positive should not be able to do the same.

Now is the time to get real ... get with the programme ... know your status ... and live.

HIV/Aids and the workplace
It has become critical for every organisation to develop a relevant, meaningful and ongoing response to the challenge of this disease. Standard Bank acts proactively to deal with the reality in an informed and sensitive way.

We promote a climate of openness and tolerance towards HIV/AIDS by informing you about the disease, its prevention and management.

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