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Cash finance charges

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I have notice that I am being billed every month a "Cash finance charge" and I never knew what it was for... I have been reading everyone posts and it mentions that it's for cash withdrawals. I never use my credit card for cash withdrawals. In the past 12 months I haven't gone to the ATM to withdraw money. Kindly let me know why am I being charged this?

Also why am I being charged a card protection fee every month as well as a CR protection policy fee? I think it's absoutely ridiculous that I am being charged this every single month. I'm trying to free up my credit card but with all these charges it seems to be going nowhere.

I dont understand why there are so many charges... Please do explain to me why I have all the below charges 

1) Service Fee

2) CR Protection policy

3) Cash finance charge

4) Finance charge

5) Card fee

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