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Credit card-Available balance v latest balance

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What is the difference between available balance and latest balance on my credit card?
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Hello @niki,


This is two of the most commonly confused terms used in the banking sector is Available Balance and Current Balance. Although, these terms seem almost similar, if someone hears about them for the first time, yet, they are not similar. Available balance and current balance are two different terminologies, and every card holder should be aware of the difference between the two.


Available Balance:

So, what exactly is Available Balance and Current Balance? Available balance is the amount of balance or funds that you can access immediately. If you exceed the level of available balance, overdraft balance starts to form, even if you are within the limits of your current balance. This balance is updated on a continuous basis in order to show the fees, charges, pending transactions, holds, and cleared deposits. Available balance can also be used by banks and other financial institutions to calculate overdraft balances and penalty charges in case the customers exceed the limit.


Current Balance or latest:

Current balance, on the other hand, is the amount of the money that you have in your account at all times. It changes every day when the business day ends at banks and remains the same until the business hours closes the following day. The current balance/ latest is also referred to as Account balance. However, some of the individuals may confuse the term "current" with the updated amount shown in your bank account, but this may not always be the case, because the purchases you make or any other charges, fees, or deposits that you make after the business day closes do not appear until the next business day.


I trust this will be helpful to you.




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