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Credit card Fraud - 4 times in 2018

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In this year my credit card has been fraudulently transacted from 4 times. 

First time: In excess of R40,000 was charged at a cinema and music store. Standard Bank Fraud picked up nothing

Second time: In excess of R12,000 was used to purchased from NWJ at East Gate - An mall I have not purchased from in 8 years

Third time: My card was used at a CTM in Tanzania. 8 repetitive transactions over R6,000. Considering this was out of the country and each transaction was repetitive - nothing was picked up by Standard Bank Fraud

Fourth time: My card was used to purchase Mango airline flights for R3,000. And again - no fraud detected by Standard Bank.

The lack of security is highly concerning. I have taken every measure to ensure my card is never out of my hand but this continues to happen. There is clearly some internal issues in Standard Bank as this number of fraud cases is not acceptable. I am also tired of being inconvienced and literally robbed every 2nd month. 

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