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Credit card activation

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Can some please advise me as to the process and time frame of have a credit card activated and a pin assigned to it for a first time user?

I received my card today through ram, the letter i received with the card states to call a number to retrieve the pin.

When i call the number and verify my details with the automated system, its keeps saying that information entered is incorrect. Spoke to 3 consultants explaining my situation and was just told please hold and transferred back to the automated system.

Went back to the 4th consultant who told me that the card is block and unable to retrieve the pin until fica documents are received from the courier campany and to wait till 12.30 and call the fica department to verify is fica documents received and processed and card will be unblocked and i will be able to retrieve the pin.

Called the fica department and ask about the documents only to be told it take up to 2 weeks to be processed and that i have to wait that time frame before i can use the card.

Called back to the call center again only to be told i must now wait 24 hours so that i can get the pin as the courier company will only notify them this afternoon of which cards has been delivered and that ther is no block on the card.

Seems like even the employees dont know what the process or time frame is!

This is my first experience with standard bank and it has been the worst from all other banks i have dealt with.
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