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Good Day , I would like to fnd out what is happening with Retrenchements as I was Retrenched in January 2020 and have sent through the documents to Standard banks claims email as well as faxed them to date I have not heard anything other than a email saying they are busy and due to Covid 19 there are delays emailed the documents over 6 times since January 2020 -  so now Standard bank has handed me over and I am getting smses to pay , I have asked numerous times for someone to provide me with banking details and had no assistance then I got the Credit card number as I was told to use that as an account number now when trying to load the account number on my husbands Standard Bank account it states the account does not exist or is incorrect , I would appreciate if someone can just get back to me with a bank account that I can deposit the money into and use my credit card number as a reference just to get this account paid I do not have a Job and probably won't get one any time soon and with no assistance from the Credit Card Insurance that I have been paying for the past 10 years , I will take money from my food budget and pay this account just to get Standard bank off my back the service I have been receiveing the past few months is absolutely terrible and as soon as this credit card is paid up I will be closing my account with Standard Bank as I cannot beleive how I have been given the run around and no assistance with Retrenchemnt all those extra fee's paid for nothing, when I call they do not assist with giving me any bank details they just say I must call the lawyers when I call the lawyers they say I must pay my account in full but I cant cause the card number doesnt work so eventually I will be Black listed all thanks to Poor Service.

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