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World Citizen Lounge Access

Community Coordinator
  1. How many lounge visits does the World Citizen Credit Card give me? 

With the World Citizen Credit Card you get 24 lounge visits per year through Bidvest and LoungeKey. You also get bonus access to the Standard Bank lounges at OR Tambo. These lounge visits do not count as part of the 24 visits through Bidvest and LoungeKey.



  1. Is there a minimum amount that I need to spend on my credit card in order to access the lounge?

 Yes, you must spend an average of R5 000 per month or R15 000 per quarter before you can access the lounge.



  1. How can I locate a lounge?

Standard Bank OR Tambo

  • Library Lounge: The Library Lounge is located between gates D7 and D8 at Domestic Departures.
  • Café Blue: This lounge is opposite gate D1 at Domestic Departures next to Vida e Caffe
  • Connection Hub: The Connection Hub is between gates D1 and D2 at Domestic Departures.

Bidvest Lounges

There are Bidvest lounges located at the following domestic airports:

  • OR Tambo International Airport
    • Domestic Departures; Bidvest Sky Lounge and Bidvest Premier Lounge 
    • International Departures; Bidvest Premier Lounge
  • Cape Town International Airport; Domestic Departures
    • Bidvest Premier Lounge
    • International Departures
    • Bidvest Premier Lounge
  • King Shaka International Airport
  • Bram Fischer Airport
  • Port Elizabeth Airport
  • East London Airport
  • George Airport


LoungeKey offers access to more than 800 international lounges. To locate a lounge, download the MasterCard for You app, choose the World Card and navigate to Lounges.



  1. Do I need to register before utilising the lounges?

No registration is required. Your World Citizen Credit Card is ready to use. Just present it at any of the associated lounges. At international lounges, simply present your World Citizen Credit Card and mention LoungeKey to the airport lounge staff. Remember to visit the MasterCard for You App’s lounge locator before travelling to see the lounges available to you.


  1. Can I bring a guest into the lounge?

You can bring a guest into the lounge at your own cost. For Bidvest lounges, you will have to enquire at the Bidvest counter for their standard rates. If you are travelling internationally, a guest can enter the LoungeKey lounges at a cost of $27.


  1. I’m travelling with my secondary cardholder, who holds a World Citizen secondary card. Do we both need to present our cards?

Yes, both the cardholders must present their cards as each card is allowed one entry.



  1. Does my secondary cardholder have his/her own 24 lounge access complimentary entries?

No, you share the 24 complimentary lounge visits. The secondary cardholder has access to the primary cardholder’s 24 complimentary visits.



  1. How do the Standard Bank lounges at OR Tambo work?

The bonus Standard Bank lounge visits are offered in addition to the 24 complimentary visits through Bidvest and LoungeKey.




Free entries per month


Library Lounge & Café Blue

Signature Family


Up to 5 (family specified)

Signature Travel




4 per month

1 at Café Blue only (no guest allowed at Library lounge)


The Connection Hub is open to all domestic travelers moving through Departures who want to access WiFi and power points before boarding. Visitors do not need to be Standard Bank customers to access the lounge.

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New Contributor

Good day. Point 4 below on registereing your card is not true. I got the world citizen card prior to my travel last week specifically so that i can access lounges abroad only to be rejected at all three lounge key lounges I visited. Kindly correct the misleading statement below and let me know how to register as my private banker is also unaware of the process. 

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New Member

Hello Martin

Have you resolved this yet as I am going down the same application for the lounge access internationally.



New Contributor
Hi Gavin. This was resolved. I was told it was a once off with my card.
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Occasional Visitor

Good Day - I have a Business Corporate Card with Standard Bank - will I be able to access Bidvest Premier Lounge International departures at OR Tambo

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Regular Visitor
Hi Martin , once off in what sense . And what was the reason you where denied access to international lounges while having a world credit card ?
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Occasional Visitor

Is the year a calendar year from 1 Jan to 31 Dec or 12 months from signing up for the card? How can I find how many visits I have used or are left of the 24 ?

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