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Can I get the new app on my Windows phone or Blackberry?

The new app is initially available for iOS and Android devices. There are plans underway to release the app on more phone platforms based on customer demand. The existing Blackberry and Windows mobile banking apps continue to cater for users on those platforms.


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‎11-03-2015 12:42 PM
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To Whom it may concern,


Please advise when is the plan to release the new app for the windows platform as I have queried about this 3 times already. I'm sure I'm not the only customer that has to utlise the old app while others benefit from the new app.


Concerned Customer.

DJ Morkel

Community Coordinator

Hi D_Morkel,


I do not have a specific timeframe, however our team is looking into this. 


I apologise for the inconvenience caused.



Standard Bank Team

New Member

Hello Standard Bank Team


I have had a Windows tablet for a few years, I remember about a year ago there was an app for windows. I used it all the time. After my tablet broke it took almost a year for me to get around to getting it repaired. now when i looked to redownload the banking app i see its no more on the windows store. Is there a reason that it's been removed?

and when will it be brought back?

It was so much more convenient to have the app because it did so much more than just manage my account like the android phone app does.



New Member

Hi Again SB Team


Ok I did a bit of research and noticed that it's an app on the Windows 8 platform. Will there be a Windows 10 release on the Windows store any time soon?


Community Coordinator



There are plans underway to release the app on more platforms based on customer demand. 




Standard Bank Team.

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Hi there,


I've just received an email from standard bank stating:


"We have noticed you are still transacting on an older version of our Mobile App.
Please be advised that as of 26 September 2016, this Standard Bank app will no longer be available.

Download the latest version of the App from your app store"


This is still not possible for WP users as there is no new app on the app store.


I noticed the old app disappear off the store a while ago but fortunately, I still had it installed and it still worked.

Currently to my knowledge, there is a "fake" app available on the WP Store which is not trustworthy. It has been there since the old app was still available.


Considering that this app will now no longer work after the 26 September, will the new version finally be released for windows phone before this one is retired?



New Member

Mmm... If in a year and 9 months they have not developed a working (non-fake) app... Something tells me they are not going to develop a Windows Mobile app...

I think it is time to switch banks. All the other major banks have a Windows Mobile app. It's just Standard Bank that doesn't.

Community Coordinator

Hi PKup,


Our digital team is working on this and as soon as there is any progress we will let you know.



Standard Bank Team

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Hi Standard Bank Team

Your comment "There are plans underway to release the app on more platforms based on customer demand." is a very lame excuse for a bank of your size...

You should develop apps on all platforms simultaneously, if you want to increase your customer base..

Old apps must be deleted by 20th July!!!!!!...What do you expect us to use?????

I have been enquiring about the new windows app for the last 2 seems you just don't care...

It's time to find a new bank that is more customer friendly

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Hi. I have upgraded my cell only to find I lost all my account numbers I used to eft money to. The app now doesn't allow me to buy airtime or anything.

Kindly assist 


Community Coordinator

Hello @CindyRa911,


Please can I ask you to contact customer on 0860 123 000 or forward a mail with your email address registered for digital banking, ID number and contact details to [email protected] with the subject link "beneficiaries erased/unable to access prepaid services" so that we can look into this matter and assist you further.


Kind Regards,