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How do I ensure I download the correct app?

How to ensure you download and use a valid Standard Bank app


At Standard Bank we monitor the app stores on a very close basis, and immediately report any rogue apps published in our name, but which are in fact fraud/phishing attempts.


However, we now have a number of apps in the Apple and Android stores, for various banking and payment services – such as SnapScan and MasterPass, for example.


It is therefore important for consumers to know how to identify a valid Standard Bank app. Here are some helpful tips to do this:


  • Download the app by firstly visiting and selecting ‘Download’. This will always take you to the valid app.
  • Consider the app’s position in the rankings when searching for 'Standard Bank' or something similar. If it is very high up in the rankings, then it is more likely to be a valid app.
  • Look at the total downloads – if you see a large number (in excess of 100 000) then this would indicate that it is most likely a valid app
  • Read the consumer reviews and rankings – if you see good rankings and lots of reviews, then you can be comfortable it is probably a valid app
  • Contact Standard Bank – get in touch with us directly on [email protected] or 0860 238 837 if you are not sure
  • Look at the ‘Developer Details’ in the Apple or Android stores, to see more about the publisher
  • If you believe you may have encountered a rogue/fraud/phishing email, then you can select ‘Tag as Inappropriate’ (Android Playstore)
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