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Standard Bank mobile app basics

Where can I download the app?

You can download the app from the App store or Google Play. Click here: for the direct links to download the tablet app from your device app store.


How do I search for the app in the app store?         

Use the keyword "Standard Bank" or "Standard Bank Mobile Banking" to search for the tablet app in the app store.


Why can't I get into the app store?  

You must be registered with App store and Google Play before you can download the app. Registration is free.


On which devices can I use the app?

The app is supported on Android tablets with screen sizes bigger than 7'', and tablets with the following operating systems: Android 4.03 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above, and iOS7.


Will I pay any fees to download and use the app?  

It's free to download and use the app itself. Note: You will be charged the normal fees for the banking products or services you use.


What if I'm not a SB customer, can I still download the app?         

Yes, you will be able to use the download the app. Once registered, you can use the app to explore products and services available from Standard Bank.


How do I update the app?     

Depending on your Notification Settings, you will either receive a notification to update, or you will need to log into the app store to check if there any updates available.


What happens to my transaction if the session was discontinued or I lost signal?

When there is a timeout or break to your connection to Standard Bank, your session will automatically be logged out. Check your transaction history to see if the transaction went through.


Can I get the app on my jailbroken or hacked phone?        

The app is not supported by jailbroken or hacked version upgrades not supplied by the device providers.


How do I register for the app?         

Launch the app. Select 'Let's get started'. Follow the password validation steps. Follow the password validation and click on register.


I've put in all my information to register but cannot continue.       

Please check that you have ticked the terms and conditions block before clicking next.

I get an error when logging in. The error is: 'Technical error Expected status code in (200 - 299), got 500    

Please shut down the app, wait a few minutes and restart.


Which card number do I use when registering?      

You would use the same card to register as you used to register for Internet Banking to see your beneficiaries and linked accounts. If you do not have an Internet Banking profile, you should use the card that you use most often and go to the branch to link your accounts.


I've registered but the verification pin e-mail hasn’t arrived.        

The message might be slow and still coming through. There is an option of resending it. Or, Check that you have entered the correct e-mail address. If not, please click back/cancel and re-enter the e-mail address. The incorrect e-mail address will not have registered without the verification pin.


What is a Standard Bank ID?

Your Standard Bank ID is the email address with which you registered for the app.


Why do I need a Standard Bank ID? 

It's a unique identifier to link all your Standard Bank accounts, products and services set up on the device.


Why is there another login?  

It is unique to you as user (and unique to the Standard Bank Mobile Banking App only), and it’s easy to remember.  Once you have linked your accounts and products, you won't have to remember multiple usernames and passwords.


Why do I need different logins to that of the phone app?   

The tablet app is a brand new app with a completely different security protocol.


How does it differ from the old app?

It allows you to do basic transactional banking functions. The Standard Bank Mobile Banking App has a combination of all Standard Bank products. You can: add beneficiaries, make single and multiple payments, manage recipients, track insurance, manage investments through Private Client, perform online share trading and many more interesting functions.


Can I use the old app and the new app on the same device?          

Yes, however it is two different applications. The Standard Bank Mobile Banking App is currently available for tablets, while the older app is optimised for phones.


Which card should I register with?   

You can use any transactional card to register on the app. It can be a debit, cheque or credit card.  If you have all three cards, register with the primary card that has all other accounts linked to it, as well as any beneficiaries or recipients created in other channels like Internet Banking or ATMs.


I'm a small business and registered for Internet Banking. Can I register for the app with my Business account?



I'm a small business and registered for BizOnline. Can I register for the app with my Business account?           



I have two cards and I want to register both for the app?  Can I do that?

Yes, you can register more than one card, i.e. a cheque, debit or credit card.


Why can't I see my other card?        

When you add another card, you must create a new Dashboard which will display only the accounts linked to the second card.


Can I link the card later, once the login and registration process is complete?     

Yes. Go to Manage dashboard, add new dashboard and follow the process to add a card.


I can only see two linked account, but I know that I have more than two linked accounts. (This will only happen for iOS users)

Please scroll down on the page to see all the accounts. All accounts that are linked on Internet banking will be linked on the app.


Can I have this app on multiple devices?     

There is no restriction on the number of devices you can download and install the app on.  However, only one user can be registered on the app on one device.


How do I delink other devices linked to my Standard Bank ID?     

Log onto the device, go to Settings and delink the devices you do not need from your Standard Bank ID.


Can another person log into the app on my device with their login details?          

No, in order to keep the app as secure as possible, only one person can register for the app on a device. However, one person can have the app on several devices.


Does the app remember login details?         

Once you have registered your device, it is recognised when you access the banking function. You don’t have to put in your user name (email address), only your password.


I forgot my password/ entered the wrong password/my account is locked.  What do I do?

Please select the Have You Forgotten your Password link on the app and follow the prompts. Note: The app will know which set of credentials to ask for and you will be required to supply information which we have on record in order for us to verify who you are. If you validate incorrectly, you will not be able to reset your password. In this event you will have to go to a branch to verify or update your information. Only then will you be able to reset your password.


How do I deregister from the app?  

Delete the app from the device to deregister.


I have not received the registration verification PIN (OTP)

Make sure you have entered the correct email address. Or try "Resend Pin" to resend the Verification PIN. You can also check your "Spam Mail" for any emails from Standard Bank Mobile Banking App.


My tablet was stolen. Is my account secure?          

The Standard Bank Mobile Banking App is password protected and will not allow any unauthorised access to the App.  Even if someone tries to retrieve the password they will have to provide specific account information not known to them.


What steps can I take to protect my account if my tablet was stolen?      

There are certain security measures put in place to ensure the safety of your account - there are OTP steps that must be followed to add recipients and to make once-off payments. There are also daily withdrawal limits on specific transaction types to minimise risk if your password is compromised. However, you can log onto another device, go to Settings, and delink the stolen device from your Standard Bank ID.


Can I download and use this app for Online Share Trading (OST) if I do not have any Standard Bank products?       

Yes, you can use this app to view your OST portfolio, even if you do not have any other Standard Bank products or accounts. The app will display your share trading portfolio within the app and you will be able to perform various functions within Standard Bank Group before making a trade.


Where can I get the tiles for OST and Insurance?   

If you did not activate the OST or Insurance tiles during the registration process, you can download it from Explore. You will then need to follow the linking process.


How secure is it to enter a PIN?       

All security features have been enabled to make your session on the app completely secure. You will only need to enter the ATM PIN during registration or when you forgot your password. Other than that, you will never be asked to enter your ATM PIN on the device.


How do I register for Insurance?     

You can register for Insurance during the app registration process, or skip the app registration process and directly proceed to registering for Insurance. If you have a card, register your card and then register for Insurance by selecting Insurance policies, after the create dashboard process, and follow the prompts. If you do not have a card or skipped the card registration process, you can proceed directly to Insurance registration. Go to Explore and add the Insurance tile to the home screen, select the locked insurance tile, and follow the prompts.


What is the process to register for OST?      

You can register for OST after you have linked your card or directly proceed to register for OST. If you have a card, register your card and then register for OST by selecting the Online Share Trading account after the create dashboard process, and follow the prompts. If you do not have a card, skip the card registration process and proceed to Online Share Trading. On the Standard Bank Mobile Banking App home screen, select the locked ghost tile, and follow the prompts. You will also have the option to download the Online Share Trading App, which you can download later.


How do I trade using the Standard Bank Mobile Banking App Online Share Trading till   

You must download the Online Share Trading App separately to trade.


I activated my tiles (Insurance, OST), but I do not see any details.           

To use the Insurance and OST tiles, you must authenticate yourself separately by selecting the respective tile.


What is a dashboard?

A dashboard is a view of all the  linked accounts and products that you have personalised and customised to suit you.


What is the default dashboard?        

The default dashboard is created for you the first time you register and log onto the app.


How do I create/delete a dashboard on the device?          

After logging onto the app, the Settings icon will become visible. Select Settings on the taskbar of the home screen. Select Manage dashboard. All your dashboards are displayed in this section. You can add or delete dashboards from here.  Note: You can also edit the name and upload another photo from here.


How do I change my username/password/preferred name?         

After logging onto the App, the Settings icon will be visible. Select Settings on the taskbar of the home screen. Select Identity and security. You can change your username/password/preferred name on this screen.

How do I remove the devices I previously linked to this card?      

After logging onto the app, the Settings icon will be visible. Select Settings on the taskbar of the home screen. Select Identity and security. Under the Authorise devices section, select Deauthorise device to delink devices you no longer need.


How do I remove cards?       

To delink a card from the account you must visit your nearest Standard Bank branch.


How do I link another card? 

Open the sidebar, select the dashboard dropdown box and then select Add card.


How do I remove tiles?         

Put the home screen in edit mode and select Delete. You cannot delete account tiles.  You will have to remove the Dashboard to remove account tiles.


How do I change views?       

Swipe to the left or right on the home screen.


Can I rearrange tiles?           

Yes, the app gives you the option to rearrange tiles and create multiple views. To rearrange a specific tile: Tap and hold the tile until the home screen reverts to edit mode. Drag the tile to the desired position and then release it. To create a different view, move the tile to the right into a different view.


I have deleted a product from my dashboard but the dashboard still displays.     

We are currently working on fixing this problem. (This will only occur with Android users.)


Can I move my accounts to a different dashboard?

You will need to go the branch to link your accounts to a specific card to see it on a dashboard. The accounts will display on the dashboard of the card number they are linked to.


Why can’t I see all my accounts?     

All your accounts must be linked to the card you have registered with on Internet Banking. Check that all the accounts are linked to the card on your Internet Banking profile.  Check that all the accounts are linked to the card on your Online Banking profile. . If you still can’t view all your accounts, please visit your nearest Standard Bank branch to link your accounts to the card.


What products are available on this app?    

The same products that are available on Internet Banking, are available on this app.


Why can't I set up my VAF account on this app?     

This function will only be available in later versions of the app.


How do I create multiple views?      

Press on the tile  and keep it in to go into edit mode. Move the tile to the right to create a different view.


What is hero/tile view?        

Hero/Tile view gives a more detailed view of the account and appears in a larger tile.


What can I see in the different account views?       

Tile view displays basic information and balances. Hero view displays five transactions at a glance, balances and a graph. Flip view displays account statements, balances, provisional transactions and a graph for specific tiles only.


How do I get more information on an account?       

Tap on the tile of the account you would like information on to go into Flip view to see more details on an account.  Flip view displays account statements, balances, provisional transactions and a graph.


What is the 30-day high?      

The 30-day high displays the highest balance of the past 30 days.


What does my account graph represent?     

The graph displays the current balance of your account in relation to a credit limit, loan limit or a 30-day high.


What does the RCP balance graph indicate?

It displays the latest balance compared to the full loan amount and includes the 15% withdraw indicator (after 15% of the loan is paid back, you can withdraw funds from the loan again). Once you’ve reached the 15% mark, the clear portion of the graph turns green.


For term loans, the graph and balance are not reflecting the same amount.         

The actual written balance is correct. the graph is incorrect. We are aware of the problem and are in the process of fixing it. (This will only happen for is users.)


Where do I give notice?        

This function will only be available in later versions of the app.


Can I load new beneficiaries on the app?    

Yes, you can add a new recipient (beneficiary) which will also reflect on your Internet Banking beneficiary list.


I do not see the beneficiary list on the app?

The beneficiary list has been renamed Recipient list on the app. You can see all your beneficiaries on the Recipient list.When you are paying a recipient, your recipient list will be listed on the Pay tab in the transact panel. Your recipient list will also be on the Recipient Management tile.


What does Share do? 

Share allows you to share payment confirmations with recipients.


What does Favourites do?     

With the Favourites feature you can assign an indicator to a recipient so that you can sort your recipient list on Favourites.


What is a cash voucher?       

The cash voucher allows you to use a recipient's cellphone number or email address and make a payment, irrespective of which bank they bank with.You can also send a cash voucher to yourself and then withdraw from a cash collection point (SPAR outlet or a Standard Bank ATM).


How can I pay a Standard Bank account holder without knowing his account number?   

If you have the recipient’s cellphone number you have two  options to make a payment to this person: 1) If the cellphone number is linked to a Cellphone Banking account, you can make a bank transfer to the person. 2) If the cellphone number is linked to a Cellphone Banking account, you can make a bank transfer to the person.


Why can’t I make any electronic account payments?          

If you do not have a transactional account OR if you have not linked your card during the registration process, you will not be able to make electronic payments or do transactional banking. If you do have transactional accounts, confirm factors like available balances/electronic account payments (EAP) limits/withdrawal limits etc.


Why has my EAP limit decreased?    

If you do not use any of the self-service channels (Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, App Banking) for a substantial period of time, your EAP limits will be reduced. You will need to visit a Standard Bank branch to increase your EAP limits again.


I've tried to pay a recipient and I'm getting a technical error.       

Please restrict his/her recipient name to 20 characters and try again.


Which prepaid products can I buy via the app?       

You can buy airtime (Cell C, 8.ta, MTN, Telkom World call, Virgin, Vodacom); SMS bundles (MTN, Vodacom); Data bundles (MTN, Vodacom), and prepaid electricity via the app.


How do I edit the amount for Quick Buy?    

Quick Buy does not allow you to edit the amount. You will have to do a new Quick Buy with the new amount.


What is Explore?        

Explore is a container of products and services that Standard Bank offers that you can use via the Standard Bank Mobile Banking App. In Explore you will  find tiles  which you can add to your home screen: Banking, Investing, Saving, Borrowing and Tools.


What is the Personal Profile in the Library for?       

This profile is intended to  add tiles to your  personal home screen. It excludes certain business tiles, and may have tiles that operate differently to the same tile in the Business Profile.


What is the Business Profile in the Library for?       

This profile is intended to add tiles to your business home screen. It excludes certain personal tiles, and may have tiles that operate differently to the same tile in the Personal Profile.


What is Impulse Save?          

It  allows you to set an amount that you would like to save on impulse. Every time you click Impulse Save, you will save a predetermined amount.


How do I set up Impulse save on the app?  

The Impulse Save tile is available in Explore. You must add this tile to your home screen. Once added, launch the Impulse Save settings screen, and then define the settings that allow you to impulse save.


How do I modify the Impulse Save amount?

The Impulse Save amount can be modified in the Impulse Save settings.Select Modify, change the settings and click Save changes.


I get a technical error when trying to Impulse Save           

Please go Settings/ /Impulse save and review your "to" and "from" accounts.

The “to” account has to be a Savings or Investment account (other accounts will be made available for Impulse Save soon)


Why can’t I trade via  the Standard Bank Mobile Banking OST App?          

To trade via the Standard Bank Mobile Banking App, you must download and install the SBG Securities App on the device. On the Standard Bank Mobile Banking App home screen, select the tile which reads Download the Online Share Trading App. The Welcome to Online Share Trading screen will now be displayed. Select Let's get started and follow the prompts.


How do I get the tile  for OST on the app?   

On the Standard Bank Mobile Banking App home screen, select the tile which reads Download the Online Share Trading App. The Welcome to Online Share Trading screen will now be displayed.Select Let's get started and follow the prompts.


The currency rates are not correct for OST.

There is a 10-minute delay in currency rates.


How do I view my insurance policy details on the app?     

Download the Insurance tile from the library if you have not configured the Insurance tile yet.  Tap on the ghost tile to key in your insurance login credentials for authentication. Once authenticated, you will be able to see all the policies linked to your profile.


Can I get an insurance quote via the app?   

Yes, you can request a quote via the app. An  insurance sales consultant will call you to give you a quote.


I do not have any Standard Bank insurance products. Can I still use the app and request quotes?         

Yes, you can. Go into Explore, select the product, tap the Get quote button and follow the instructions.


Can I log into the Insurance app with my registered email address?        

The email address that Standard Bank Insurance Brokers (SBIB) associated with your policies may not be the one that you have given.  Contact SBIB to confirm or update your details.


I cannot see multi product claims.    

You can only see claims for Funeral/Home owners/Credit Life.


Why doesn’t this app give me the clearance number?        

The clearance number is sent via SMS to your registered cellphone number.


Can I view my Life policies (long term insurance policy) via this app?      

No, you can  only view short term insurance policies on this version of the app.


I cannot use the ATM and branch locator. What do I do?    

Make sure that the display my location settings on your device are switched on. The locator cannot find branches and ATMs in your area if it cannot locate you.


How do I view the branches in my area?     

Branch details are available in the Information Centre.Select the Information icon. The Information Centre form will slide out, presenting the branches within 1km from where you are located.


How do I send a link for this app to a friend?          

Select the Information icon.Tap Tell friends about us.


How do I get the Private Clients tile on the app?    

You can add the Private Clients tile from  Explore, but to get access to the Private Clients  mobile platform, you must register on the Melville Douglas or Fund Solutions website.The website will generate a PIN that you must use to register for Private Clients on the app. You will only use this PIN to register on the app.


How do I view the Melville Douglas or Fund Solutions portfolios in the app?       

To view portfolios, register for Private Clients on the app.  You will be prompted to add your  Private Client details to complete your  subscription to this product and to view the Melville Douglas or Fund Solutions portfolios.


How secure is the app and what are the safety measures?

Security has been designed into our app from the outset and we have a dedicated security team in the group responsible for the security of the app.  We also obtained independent assurance from a specialised security firm.


Is the app secure?     



What makes it secure?          

Validation on the mail address you use to create you digital id via the Verification code process 


            Authentication when adding products using credentials from other channels (ATM Pin, OST and                     Insurance)

            2 Step OTP authentication for Secure Banking transactions

            Insurance validates that the registered account holder matches the policy holder by using the                         banking profile details.

            All data sent to and from the device is encrypted using SSL (https) technology.

            Customer data is not stored on the device once a usage session ends.

            The device is locked to one user at a time.

            Backend validation of value transactions.

            EAP and cash limits are used to prevent large money transfers.


What measures have been put in place to stop the app from being ‘phished’ / ‘faked’

We cannot put any measures in place to prevent phishing customers need to be educated on this. The stores need to be monitored by the IT Security team and request for removal issued to stop fake apps on the Android store. On IOS Apple would block fake apps and we have blocked jailbroken devices from installing the app to block malware attacks.


Who can we contact?

The Standard Bank Mobile team can be contacted on 0860 238 837.

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I have an anmount outstanding to pay until I have reached my 15%

Can I deposit money to my RCP account to exceed the 15% and then withdraw?

Occasional Visitor

How do I link my RCP loan so that it reflects when I logon to the banking app?

Thanks in advance

Community Coordinator

Hello @Affidha,


Please be advised that you will need to contact our customer care center on 0860 123 000 in order to be assisted with linking your RCP to your mobile banking app. Our consultants will be able to assist you on the line as promptly as possible.


Kind Regards,


Occasional Visitor

My otp is sent to an old cell number. How can I change that number?

Community Coordinator

Hello Agnes66, 


You need to visit a branch to update your number on the system.

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Hi my personal dashboard and all linked account on my cellphone banking app are not appearing anymore ... what can I do to fix this??

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Hi, am I bale to delete an account that I created on the standard bank app? I created it because I wanted to change my email address, however, I see that I have the option of changing my email address on my old account. 

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Good day all I'm having trouble with the otp sent to my email address, everytime I receive it than it fails to verify 

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I cannot sign in to standard bank mobile app