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How do I make a deposit at an ATM?           

You can only make cash deposits at specialised ATMs like an Auto Bank and AutoPlus.



  1. Insert your Auto Bank card in the machine and enter your PIN when prompted to do so.
  2. Press the Deposit button and choose the account you want to deposit into.
  3. Enter the amount in full, for example, R50. Press the Correct button to confirm. The machine will print a transaction slip.
  4. Take the deposit envelope and place your money and the transaction slip inside the deposit envelope. Close the envelope and insert it into the deposit slot. After you insert the envelope in the deposit slot the machine will print a second deposit slip, which you need to keep for your records.


Why can I not deposit money into any account?      

You can only deposit money into accounts that are linked to your account. You need to visit a branch to link your accounts.


What are the different types of ATMs?         

AutoCash, Auto Bank and AutoPlus


What is the difference between the ATMs?  

AutoCash - allows you to withdraw money, make payments and transfers. Auto Bank - allows you to withdraw, transfer, make payments and deposit money. There is no clearance period on deposits, as you/the beneficiary should have immediate access to the funds once deposited. AutoPlus - allows you to managed existing account as well as open savings and investment account. You are also able to apply for an overdraft or get a 6 month bank statement.


Is there a maximum deposit limit?   

There is no maximum amount. There is a maximum thickness the envelope can be of about 7mm.


How long does it take for deposits to clear?

Cash deposited at a Standard Bank ATM will be cleared for withdrawals after 36 hours. Cash deposited on weekends will only be cleared for withdrawals by the following Tuesday. Cheques can take five to seven business days.

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Can a current account hold more than R1000 000, because I'm using my current account for stokvel and at some stage I will receive more than a million in my account.

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Can i make cash deposits at ATM in Greece? 

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Hello @randaplan,


Please be advised that it is not possible to deposit funds at an ATM in Greece.




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I am so cross-i deposited some money by the atm at the std bank atm in bergvliet(0542) money went in-i received the sms,only to get another sms 3 days afterwards to say that std bank never received the envelope-

i need this money urgently -on top i call the call centres,teamleaders and no luck-they opened a request,but why must i wat 7 days for my own money-they cant tell me what branch is responsible for this atm...ive been scamed out of my account-unauthorized debits and now this nonsence too.WHAT DO I DO TO GET MY MONEY BACK AND MY ACC SECURED WITH STD BANK