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Access to LibraryLounge and CaféBlue FAQ's


How is entry managed?

Access to LibraryLounge and CaféBlue is controlled by concierge staff and card readers at the front desks. Only one card will be permitted per cardholder. ConnectionHub is open to all domestic travellers.


Do I need to make a reservation for lounge access?

No reservation is required, but there is limited space at any given time.


Can my lounge membership access be used by someone else?

Access into the Standard Bank lounges is not transferable. To see how many guests can accompany you, please refer to the table above.


Can I be denied access?

While the right of admission into CaféBlue and LibraryLounge is reserved, and subject to qualifying criteria, no eligible cardholder (as per the individual lounge rules) will be denied access. If a lounge is at capacity, you will be directed to an alternative lounge where space is available. If access concerns do arise, please call your Relationship Manager or Private Banker for assistance.


Am I limited on the time I can spend in the Standard Bank lounges?

No, you’re are welcome to spend as much time as you wish in the lounges. Should capacity be reached at any given time, only the maximum number of guests will be accommodated for.


Are children permitted into CaféBlue and the LibraryLounge?

Children are permitted in the lounges, however all children younger than 18 years old must be accompanied by the main cardholder.


Do the Standard Bank lounges offer ATMs or Forex?

Not at this time.


Will customers holding cards for similar qualifying products from African countries outside of South Africa be allowed access?

Yes, qualifying cardholders from Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana will be allowed access. For all qualifying cards, please see tables above.


What if I lose an item or leave it behind?

Lost items are turned over to airport ‘lost and found’. If we can identify the owner of the item, we will attempt to contact him or her first.

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