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Account Fees

What is the difference between a monthly management fee and a monthly service fee on an account? (When a service fee is already being charged on transactions)     

There is no difference between the two. A monthly management fee is single monthly service fee for a fixed number of transactions and services, including the monthly maintenance of your account. Additional fees may apply for extra or unforeseen transactions or if an account is not compliant or kept for its intended use. It is always best to refer to our pricing guide to ensure you have a suitable account and pricing option for yourself and to assist you avoid unnecessary charges.


I have never been so annoyed with a bank in my life! I pay the monthly fixed fee of R59 and you guys are still charging me for charges

Should you be referring to the AccessAccount Plus option for R59 a month, visit: for features and benefits of the account. For all transactions over and above the limited free transactions offered in the bundle, the pay-as-you-bank pricing rates will apply. All branch transactions are also charged at the pay-as-you-bank pricing rates. Thanks


You guys have the highest bank fees! I'm changing banks!

We offer pricing packages that allow a customer to choose whether they’d like to pay a fixed fee that covers a multitude of transactions and transaction types; or pay per transaction. Each banking package has a different fee structure. You're welcome to discuss any pricing issues with our help desk consultants on 0860 123 000 or visit your nearest branch for assistance. Our consultants will  be able to advise on an option best suited for your needs. Thanks


I was not aware it cost that much to withdraw money from the teller. I was browsing through my statement when I noticed that I have been charged R99.00 for a R6000.00 withdrawal. 

We are trying to keep banking costs to a minimum by automating transactions where possible. The handling of cash is manual and there are costs involved. You can avoid these charges by making electronic transfers, payments or making ATM cash withdrawals, as the charges will be less than what you would be charged if you withdrew cash from within the bank. Thanks


I have fees going off my account that I haven't authorised. What do I do?           

It's best to check with our help desk on 0860 123 000 or your nearest branch as to what the specific fees are for. If there have been unauthorised debit orders on your account, we will gladly assist with reversing incorrect debit orders. Thanks


Can I change my pricing package on my account?  

Yes, you can change your pricing option at any time, but the newly selected option will only come into effect at the start of the new monthly cycle.


What is an honouring fee?    

When there is not enough money in an account to honour a debit order, we may decide to honour it anyway. The fee is for that.


I didn't know about the fees.

It is our practice to take customers through all prices and fees. You would have been given a guide to pricing when opening the account. If you were not, we'd need more details from you so that we can investigate further. Our pricing guides are also readily available at any of our branches or online Thanks


I have a business account with you and I'm being charged a ridiculous amount of money for fees!       

Fees are determined individually for each business account. You're welcome to chat to a business banking consultant on 0860 109 075. Our consultants will be able to assist. Thanks


I wasn't told about the fee increase.

Our focus is on simplifying our pricing and adding value to the wide range of products and services we have to offer. You would have received notification of any pricing changes via your preferred contact   method (email/sms/post). If you have not received notification, you're welcome to check your contact details at your nearest branch or with our help desk on 0860 123 000. Our pricing guides are also available online ( or at your nearest branch.


I closed my account but have received a letter saying I'm going to be handed over for outstanding fees.

The first step is to contact our helpdesk to query the transaction / fee/ correspondence. If the transaction cannot be explained, this will be logged to the reverent Customer Debt Management area to assist. A centralised Customer Debt Management helpdesk is available on 0861 498 468.

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Good day

I Have a savings account if im correct i pay R59 pm for the fees.Ive noticed the fees are more when i swipe and withdraw and its killing me.Please help

Community Coordinator

Hello Johan331,


Please forward your query, contact details, ID number  and on the Subject title, please writing ' Community query' to ask[email protected] Our consultants will check your profile and advise about the fees you are being charged.



Occasional Visitor

Did Cash withdrawal fees just Go up, I remembered paying R4.95 per R1000, Now I am being charged R18. Thats +375% Increase. I am also seeing an additional Service Fee charge of R51 on my credit card account??? What is this for?

New Contributor

I have a debit MasterCard and really need to be able to make online purchases (especially for making online flight bookings). What do I need to do to be able to make such purchases?? 

Occasional Visitor

How come if i switch to an "Access Account" from my Private Banking package i cant keep my existing account number? 

Community Coordinator

Hello @Jamunaji,


Please be advised that currently you aren't able to make online purchases with your debit card. Only cheque and credit cards can be registered for online purchases and thus an upgrade to one of these will need to be made in order to enable this. You will need to visit your nearest branch in order to be assisted with the upgrade.


Kind Regards,


New Contributor

Thank you!


Regular Visitor

Hi,i invest $250 with COINMINING301 in USA,after 3 days they said i must pay signal fee $670 and tax fee give my profit ($16755)to PACIFIC ALLIANCE BANK,to transfer money my bank account.First i must pay to activate my account (R38076).is that right.can someone assist me with this please?

Occasional Visitor

I  have an elite current account with your institution for more than 7 years In May 2019 I started seeing a fee "fee:MU Additional reciepients " of R10.50 and I am wondering what this fee is about. Kindly help me understand. 

Community Coordinator

Hello @nmasekoz,


Can I kindly ask that you forward your account details, ID number and contact details to [email protected] with the subject line "unknown account fee" so that we can look into this matter and assist you further.


Kind Regards,



Occasional Visitor

I am so confused as to why an honouring fee was deducted when it is not my fault that Pick n Pay only debited their money after a few days and my account balance was lower than the money required. When I paid, my debt card went through and that money was deducted so now why have I had to pay double?


I am also pissed by this honoring fee, day light robbery!