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How do I get my statements via email?       

You can register for e-statements via Internet Banking, by contacting our help desk on 0860 123 000, or by visiting your nearest branch.


Can I request a cheque be sent with my posted statement?           

Used cheques will no longer be posted/e-mailed to you with your statements.


When can the cheque be posted?     

We will keep the cheques safe for you for 90 Days, during which period you can request them to be posted to you. After 90 days, cheques will be destroyed and only images of the cheque will be available, which you can request from your branch.


Is there a cost for receiving e-statements? 

No. e-statements are free. However, R9 will be charged for each posted statement. (With exception of Consolidator customers)

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How do I access statements from Feb,  March,  April 2017 off my banking app


I urgently need my 90 days bank statements and the standard bank branches here in Pretoria are offline, can I get it via email?

Community Coordinator

Hello @Carly,


Please be advised that you can register on the Online Banking platform to get your statements emailed to you on a monthly basis. For this purpose, kindly note that you can follow these steps:


  • Log onto Online Banking,
  • Tap on "Transact",
  • Tap on "Email Your Transactions",
  • Complete the process and choose a date suitable for you to receive the statement.

Kind Regards,


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How do u check statement on the app?


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How do you check Statement on the app 

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Hello @letloenyanem,


Please be advised that you can now have your  3 or 6 months bank statement sent to you through your mobile banking app. All you need to do is follow these steps in order to get the document:


  • Log onto the app,
  • Tap on the tile that shows your account details and balance,
  • Under "Your documents", select "view" and choose between a 3 or 6 months statement as suitable to you.


Kind Regards,