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12 month bank statement for tax

New Member

About 2 years ago Std Bank stopped emailing me monthly statements & did not notify me.

One has to sign up on the website if you want them.

I had not done that, and now, to get a 12 month statement it seems one has to pay.

You can get a 6 months statement off the website and download it in a few formats.

So you need to get at least that 6 month statement halfway through the tax year, unless you want to pay Standard Bank, again, for a "standard" banking function

Capitec allows you to email yourself 3-month statements for at least the past year, for free, from their app. Also not perfect, but much better, and their fees are far lower

It is astounding that the largest bank in South Africa won't pay the relatively small additional data storage fees to keep 12 months of account holders' data available, and want to charge over R300 for the 6 months that you can't download.

Please Standard Bank, and my heart goes out to you poor wage slaves who are trapped inside this private tyrrany and have to read customers' no doubt endless complaints, please pass on to your masters that this small gesture, of making a year of statements freely available, would go a long way to persuading me, at least, to keep my account open. If it of any consequence.

New Member

You have two options:

  1. Go to you local branch, and ask them to print (PRINT!!!!) it for you.
  2. Call customer support on 0860 123 000 and ask them to e-mail it to you.

Either one of these options is going to cost you R332.89 (correct on 12/11/2018).

It is super daft that in this day and age you cannot go into your Internet banking and select a statement from "Date 1" to up to and including "Date 2"!

New Member

I need same, but I need text format as one downloads from banking site. How is the branch going to provide that ? Seems silly.

What's this about "bank the way you do", I wish I could.

New Contributor

Apparently there is no way to do this online. You have to go to a branch and pay for archived statements. How silly is that?! Standard Bank need to pull up their socks!

New Member
How do I get a bank statement that goes back more than a year so I can do my tax return?