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Accessave T's&C's

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I've managed to lose my initial signed Ts&Cs for my Accessave account (considering I opened the account 5 years ago and have moved 4 times since then I'm not surprised).  I noted that I can't find these online anymore and the link to the Accessave on the Access Banking info page ( doesn't work.


Where can I get a copy of this?  I also wanted to find out exactly how the 1% bonus interest works (finding the interest info was also more difficult than it should be).  Does the target I put on the app pull through for this or do I need to go in to a branch and set a target?  How long is the target valid for once reached (can it stay the same for all eternity and get bonus interest for that time?)  Is there a minimum on the target amount?


Most of this info should be in the Ts&Cs or product brochure (neither of which I can find online)

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