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Available balance after Cheque unpaid

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I have just experienced a cheque being unpaid for the first time, and being scammed by someone as I thought they were doing an EFT and then they deposited a cheque into my account and I didnt notice as I just looked at the figures on the sms notification. And the R45 taken off your account for the cheque deposit was only shown later. SO BEWARE! And now that the cheque hasn't gone through I am R45 poorer as well!!!


Then adding insult to injury a hold of some sort that needed to clear was placed on my available balance by the bank.


When the cheque was deposited in my account the Latest Balance went up as expected, but because the cheque had not yet cleared the Available Balance remained as it was. Then just this afternoon the cheque bounced (ie. was unpaid) and then instead of just my Latest Balance going down again my Available Balance was affected. Which means that money was missing from my account. I at first thought it was fraud, and called the Fraud Line, and they told me the bank placed a hold on the amount and it was still going to take another 12 hours to clear.


This is ludicrous, a serious glitch in the system. The money that was available to me to use, i.e. the cash in my account was suddenly not available as they had "drawn" the money to hold from my Available Balance and not my Latest Balance.



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