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Cash voucher

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After rushing to try and do a cash voucher I didn't realize it kept on giving me wrong Acc details after I had entered pin and cell nr and after a few attempts and changing pins it eventually gave me a voucher nr and when my son tried to withdraw the cash it wanted a pin nr and I was so confused I didn't know which pin would work now number blocked and he has to wait 24 hours for his money and not sure now what pin will work please help
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The best way to fix this is to cancel the voucher. You can do this by going into your beneficiaries and choosing the beneficiary. The voucher will show under the beneficiary. 

You can then set up a new voucher in the usual way. When doing this in the app, you can send the PIN to the beneficiary once you have selected a PIN by clicking on the "share" icon.

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But if you can't remember your pin how can u generate a new one on my phone app? I sent a voucher to a friend but he's lost his phone and I don't remember the pin help
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The best way to resolve this will be to select forgot password so that you can rest from your end.  Please follow the below steps: 

Please select the Have You Forgotten your Password link on the app. Enter the following details:


  1. Your Standard Bank card number
  2. Your ATM PIN associated with the card
  3. Your ID/passport number
  4. Your cellphone number
  5. The one-time password (OTP) sent to your cellphone number.
  6. On the next screen, create a new password for your Standard Bank ID.

Note: The app will know which set of credentials to ask for and you will be required to supply information which we have on record in order for us to verify who you are. If you validate incorrectly, you will not be able to reset your password. In this event you will have to go to a branch to verify or update your information. Only then will you be able to reset your password.




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