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EHome Affairs

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Have exactly the same issue!

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I am having exactly the same issue.    Going nuts.   Want to have biometrics done at Standard Bank Canal Walk.    Home Affairs have received my payment but I cannot make a date to go to Canal Walk.   Home Affairs website says "Application submitted, payment received"   "Branch processing in progress"   "Booking not available"     So how do I make a booking to go to Canal Walk.     Any help appreciated.







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Im done with everything and also paid money for doing Smart Card ID at home affairs website, but I can't print out confirmation letter,, they said I should come along with biometric bar codes letter. How do I go about this
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Hi there,

I have also tried to make a payment to home affairs using my dads account but the payment does not appear on his My Bills.  On the  home affairs website, it also just says formatted (ready to send). I did register home affairs under the My bills as well but still nothing is showing. I have also tried contacting home affairs and there is no response. If anyone knows how to sort this out your help will be much appreciated.


Kind regards

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Did you get an feedback on your question?
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I have tried to make a payment to home affairs but the payment does not appear on My Bills. It just says there are no outstanding bills. On the actual home affairs website, it says formatted (ready to send). Does anyone know how to get the payment to appear on My Bills? (I have registered home affairs under My Bills) 

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How did you solve you problem? I am having same issues.

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I made a booking on the ehome affairs website for passports at the Canal Walk Standard bank branch for 9, this morning 9 March, but the bank was closed.We phoned the DHA contact number on the Standard bank door, he was aware of the appointments, but informed us that he is not available to fulfill the appointment because the bank is closed. 

Why did the website allow bookings for time slots that were not available?
If this changed since I made the booking last week, why were we not informed?
What should we do now?
We need the passports soon. 
The Standard Bank DHA contact person told us to go to a Home Affairs office, but I am worried that they will not be able to see the payments already made for the passports and ID.
Please advise on the best way forward.
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I had the same problem, but saved and printed the web page and took it with me to the appointment. They had all the detail (who I was and what time the appointment was set for), so there was no issue. 4 working days later I got the SMS to say my ID was ready. Still to collect, but the service seems to work really well.

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Hey, I have finished the application online but I cant seem to be able to download the confirmation and I cant get ahold of home affairs for assistance so I wanted to ask what version on adobe did your husband use to download. I'm thinking I may need to try play around which that to try and fix my problem cause I've done everything including making the payment online I just need the confirmation in order to be able to go to the bank or to home affairs to get it finished

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My husband eventually went to the Std bank in Canal Walk personally. The lady there was extremely helpful and sorted out our online booking. (can't just walk-in - HAVE to have a booking.) Earliest one we could get was in 1 month.

The sooner Home Affairs rolls this out through other banks in Cape Town, the better!
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I'm having the same issue. Completed my application and payment online for my passport. Comes to selcting an available slot, I choose both a 'from' date and a 'to' date and click 'find available time slots' only for the response to be there are no slots available. It doesnt matter which combination of dates I choose. Any one know if there's a way to solve this?

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Is it at all possible to do the passport biometrics at Canal Walk branch? Website just says "no time slots available " and can't get anyone to answer a phone. Can we walk in yo make an appointment?
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