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New Online Banking: Future payments

New Member
I have the same query.
But I have never had Standard Bank IT respond to any of my queries over the last few years! So don't hold your breath waiting for them to fix it.
New Contributor

@Boitumelo, thank you for your response.

Let me rephrase the issue that I have picked up into a practical example:

You have R3000 currently in your account because it is not payday yet and everything for the previous month has been paid.

You want to set up your monthly rental for R7000 that repeats for the next 12 months on the 1st of the month because you just renewed your contract.

The website tells you that the transaction can't proceed because you don't have sufficient money in your account at the moment. But your salary would have been deposited at the time when the payment is scheduled to run, so the transaction will go through successfully.

This type of block is fine for an immediate payment for which there is not sufficient funds in the account, but the website should be able to differentiate between an immediate transfer and future dated payments and apply the necessary controls accordingly.

I have logged a complaint regarding this issue as well because I couldn't set up future dated payments to replace those that will be running their last instance at the end of this month, and I got the same type of response back, which implies that the issue is not understood properly. You can also try it yourself by scheduling a future dated payment that exceeds the funds currently in your account and see what happens. And I would strongly suggest that SBSA fix this issue before the rest of the client base realise that they can't schedule their future dated payments for 2018.

Community Coordinator

Hello @LourensJVV


The best way will be to login and tap on transact to select pay beneficiary. Note, you will need to save the beneficiary to continue with the payment. 


You can only select dates when you confirming captured details for your payment.




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I would like to know how I can set up my monthly repeating payments for the next year on the new Online Banking site (like I have done for the last dekade or so on the old online banking site) without having the actual amounts in my bank account.

Or has the Online Banking experience now regressed to the point where you are forced to load your future payments only on one day in the month, or manually do the payments once you have your salary in your account? 

I would also like to know the reasoning behind not being able to set up any future dated payments which exceeds the amount currently in your account, since it appears that you are the only bank that will be doing this and it does not make any sense whatsoever to put in a block like this for people who actually know how to manage their payments.