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New Trading Account

Occasional Contributor

Apply for a trading account nearly 3 weeks ago. NOTHING


My wife did the same on the First National Bank website. Next day it was done. Shes trading


This is not my first round with poor service at the bank. Checking my posting history you will see that there are still issues over 2 years ago, not resolved. I just gave up on that, you can not argue with them if you say to them that you (sorry the lawyer with me present) did not complete the form and that you did not sign it and they tell you for about 5 phone conversations that they will look for it andget back to you. Guess they are still looking, no one came back, but I was charged for the original error they made, for a couple of months in succession.


If it was not for a re-registration of a homeloan at another bank I would have left this one long ago.

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