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Outstanding Card Authorisation and refund

New Member
I have been waiting since the 22nd of September for my money to be refunded, I called in, the consultant's response was "wait 10 days", it's the 9th day, and still no refund
New Member
Standard Bank fix my card outstanding authorization kindly please and thank you.
New Member
Same thing just happened to me now it’s annoying
New Member

This has been happening to me lately card authorisation and it is absoutely infruiating. I have got to do my own caculations with regards to the actual balance on my account so that i do not go into to much of my overdraft. 


The least Standard Bank could have done is sent out a notice to its cutomers explaining and informing us about this change. 


Please kindly revert back to the old system or anothe system. It gives a very false account of what is actually in your bank account and a huge inconvenience. 


frustrating if you ask me!!!

New Member
Good Afternoon, I was out buying groceries and when I tried to pay via Tap on my phone , it said declined from the POS and on my phone it said Purchase successful and the money went out of my account, that was on the weekend 23rd - it's been two days saying outstanding card authorization?

Standard bank am I going to need to phone, come in to a branch to sort this out or will it be resolved,

It's still early days but
Worried as I'm seeing all these other posts
New Contributor
It feels like the bank is failing to do what is supposed to do with people’s money . Refunds are not visible when you call the call centre they cannot even see beyond ones account or even have access to authorisations I am waiting as in yesterday for my refund
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I am experiencing a card hold authorisation which the car rental comps had released from their end it does not add up or reflect to my balance and thus is not the first time I experienced this with Standard bank please rectify your systems and problems because that money i used to pay was to make sure I have when the rental is completed. Can I be contacted as to when can I expect the money to be unblocked I cannot go on like this
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I am experiencing the same problem. Have your issues been sorted? If yes how long did it take
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I am experiencing a similar situation to this...


When will the money be sent back?  


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Good afternoon
I used a card to swipe to make a payment (I actually inserted the card), it came off my account but was not successful on the receiving company, so I paid with another card.
The 1st transaction is sitting as an outstanding authorisation for 9 days now. I cannot access my own money???

Another transaction to a different provider, airbnb, has also held my funds but theyve confirmed that its released on their side. Standard Bank needs to release my money.

These 2 transactions are a large sum of money that we obviously need.

When will my money be available and will I still earn interest on it?