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Pathetic service

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Pathetic service

I would like to make everyone aware, which I'm sure everyone is, that SB is the worst bank that you could bank with. Here's why:


1) Pathetic service

On March 07, 2018 I went into a branch " VANGATE MALL" to apply for a cheque card. I was told to wait for a sms and promised a phone call from the consultant himself to notify me on when I may collect the card. Since, I received neither after a month, I enquired by going in and did so second time as well. My contact details was taken down at every visit and it was promised to me that he, the consultant would call me. By no surprise, it is approaching June and I have no attempted contact being made.


It is unfortunate but ironically fortunate for him that I cannot recall his name, but unfortunately for him will make it my mission to find out his name so that he can be publicly disgraced for his patheticly, bad rendered service. He failed to attend to a client's query and failed to execute his job.


2) Online banking by SB is the WORSE

My third time of going in, the receptionist suggested I try the virtual card, weary I attempted it but to no surprise I was unable to do so. This probably calls for another hopeful but useless visit.


So, in conclusion, SB is a hassle, struggle and personally a waste of my time. Please stop trying to sugarcoat everything, by saying it was a slight error and a follow up will be made along with a comforting smile, take responsibility for your actions and live up to your promises. 

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Re: Pathetic service

Hello @Jamielee5678,


Apologies for the service received. We understand your frustration on this and we would like to deal with this matter as urgent. 


Please share with us your account details and contact number for us to investigate this matter and feedback to you the soonest.


You can mail us with your details here: [email protected]




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