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SMS Fee MU Additional Fees

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I am in total disagreement to with the charges for the sms notifications and the way standard Bank pushes the responsibility to deactivate the sms msg to the customer. This is a passive way of making money out of your customers. This charge should be reversed as I did not acknowledge and sign for this service to be charged to my account. Going forward I would appreciate that the notifications be stopped and a msg sent on how to stop the notifications be sent to every client if this charge is to to continue. I did not see this charge item on my communication ns of charges for 2024.this is thievery.
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@dinosaur game This charge on your R3.30 account can only be audited by you. But I also wonder what it's used for. Hopefully someone will answer it for us.

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Dear @FanaM1 / Standard Bank,


I noted the same deduction from my account recently. I was in contact with the call centre and was informed that it is my responsibility to read carefully through the fee structure that was circulated prior to January 2024, and it was my responsibility to unsubscribe to avoid incurring these costs - that is where I am in disagreement.
I have been a Standard Bank client for many years and this service was previously included in my monthly account fees. In fact, it was part of the selling points at the time that I would get notifications for all my transactions at no additional cost / included in the monthly service fee - Afterall, it is a way for Standard Bank to keep customers safe and alert them to any unautherised transactions?

I went back on my emails and I cannot find the email containing the 2024 fee structure to see the layout of the fees. I find it unacceptable that Standard Bank would assume a service that was previously offered at no additional cost can automatically be rolled over to a cost-bearing service without authorisation from the client (I am not referring general price escalations that formed part of my initial agreement), so I struggle to understand how Standard Bank can levy a charge which I did not agree to.

I expect that Standard Bank can find more innovative ways to alert clients or sign-up of a cost-bearing service or change over to the App to avoid additional costs being incurred - I get the move to digital platforms and Apps, but it should not be the other way around that clients should unsubscribe from a service that was offered previously as part of the package and no additional cost. Standard Bank is not the most affordable banking option available to customers, thus there is also an expectation that Standard Bank would do more for its clients and provide a better service, yet it feels like Standard Bank is trying to generate more revenue from its customers in an already pressing economy. The same way that the notifications can be activated via the App, the same way Standard Bank could have asked customers to consent to the additional costs to retain the SMS service or switch over and assist the customers where needed. We are paying more year after year, for less and less services being offered. The transaction reference refers to "FEE MYUPDATES SUBSCRIPTION" - at no point did I subscribe or consent for this service at an additional cost, I do not believe that this is the right way to go about it from Standard Bank's side.

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Good morning, @Lizzy777.


Thank you for getting in touch.


The fee may be the SMS that you have been receiving.


To avoid the R0.30 per SMS charge, switch to in-app push.


If you currently receive MyUpdates notifications via SMS, this charge will be reflected on your January statement.

Why not enjoy tracking your spending for free with MyUpdates through the Banking App?


Just ensure you are registered for MyUpdates and that your Standard Bank App notifications are enabled via your device settings.


Should you like to be assisted with setting up the in-app messages, please call us at 0860 123 000, options 3 and 3.


We hope this information helps.



Standard Bank Team

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What is this charge on my account of R3.30?  What is this for?