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Virtual Card | SB Internet Banking website integration with SB Mobile App

New Contributor

Hi there


Can you please liaise with your system developers and ask them to enable the Standard Bank Internet Baking website to see, manage, load amounts and do all things considered with respect to the Virtual Card.


It honestly makes no bloody sense that the mobile app is so divorced from the SB internet banking website that one can only & exclusively manage/load the SB Virtual Card on the SB mobile app.


What happens if something happens to the SB user's phone and the user wants to use/load/manage the SB virtual card? Example: phone theft / loss of functionality - general phone software issues.


Please ask your developers and business analysts to exercise some proper critical & intelligent thought over the full spectrum of a user's needs & reasonable scenarios - SB is domiciled in SA and mobile phone theft is highly likely in SA; hence there should be a way to manage/use the virtual card without needing to go and immediately buy/get a new phone device).


If you have a website, it should be maintained with all the functionality on the mobile app and vice versa - using a virtual card isnt a mobile specific type of service or application, anymore than using a credit or cheque card.


If there is a way to use the SB virtual card on the SB internet banking website as at today, then please indicate where and how this is done.


This is a coherent and logical need from customers.


With thanks,


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