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in 2018 every bank should have PAY AND CLEAR

New Contributor

I don't understand why in 2018 people cannot pay and clear immediately. Even capitec adn African bank (of all banks) have this option readily available. Why? Because they understand the importance of having to pay immediately and have funds reflect. FNB charges an extra cost to have this option available (has been avialable since 2010!!) 

8 Years later, standard bank just couldn't be bothered to introduce somethng that ALL YOUR CLIENTS ARE REQUESTING?? For OUR convenience??? COME ON guys!! 

You could be making extra money with this option if you only introduced it?? 

Oh wait, who am i kidding?? You guys can't even sort out the internet banking disaster (still 2 websites, even though you said you would merge them, or get rid of the old one). Where are the developers? Or do you not have any?? 

Can we get clarification as to WHY you just don't want to introduce pay and clear? 
FNB is in a LEAGUE of it's OWN and much more willing to HELP THEIR CLIENTS than you guys. If you don;t introduce this, you'll lose all your clients. In 2018 people want convenience, not irritation. 

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