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Home owner insurance

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5 MONTHS of NO HELP after CLAIM submitted!!!!!!!!
Claim submitted in June! Burst pipe with extensive consequential damage! Is has been more than 5 months with little or NO communication!
I have phoned weekly!
They have no contractor to fix my house! And that took a few weeks to let me know....
The accessor eventually went to the house last week after more than 5 month and then accused me and my husband of not answering calls after he had postponed and then pitched up after 18:00 that was not arranged! (And almost 4 hours drive from my primary home)
The whole house was covered under ankle deep water! The main bedroom isopine ceiling collapsed from the water and 1000 of litres of water came pouring on my bed! Nothing covered!
Kitchen cupboards damaged, not covered! Plaster pulling away from the walls and cornices....
After numerous quotes they do not even want to pay out 8% of the damages!!!! Without carpets..... What do they expect me to fix with R20,000????? That after we had to pay for 3 different quotes.....
All my payments is up to date!
Disgusting!!!!! I have heen banking with Standard bank for more than 35 years and THIS is how they treat a loyal paying customer!
What should I do???
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