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How do I submit Insurance building claims via the app?


You can submit claims for things general structural damages caused by fire, burst geyser and pipes, and damaged windows/glass


Submit claims directly from the app, by selecting ‘start claim’ when viewing your insurance policy. Simply follow these easy three step process:


  • Details – add a description of the event, upload a photo/s, and the date of the incident
  • Review – confirm all entered information is accurate and your personal details are up-to-date
  • Submit – send the claim for processing and receive a claim number





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Acc Holder: NM and RM Thwala 


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Mobile: 0837935551

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Address: 5 Taurus Lane, Ster Park,  Polokwane 0699


Case No.:674/03/2019

Date:22March 2019

Attempted burglary. Time of incident  - around 02:45-03:00am in the morning

Burglary foiled by alarm when magnets at the door seperated.



Heard a subdued noise in my sleep followed by alarm going off after some minutes. Later we discovered a brick which had hit the window facade at the back.

Damage estimate:

Window panel (reinforced anti-smash glass)   R3000.00

Damaged burglar guard locking mechanism + Happy door frames.  R3000.00

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Om what app? 

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Hi what app do i use to start the claim process and if it is the normal banking app were do i find it on the app?