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Salary Protection

What is Salary Protection?    


Getting Salary Protection cover ensures that you will be guaranteed of receiving a salary should you be unable to work for a short period due to illness or injury.


When will I receive my first month’s Salary Protection payment? 


A Salary Protection claim for illness or accident will be considered immediately, but payments will start three months after your last salary payments. Should your claim be successful, payment will start after the deferment period, which is three months after the date of your last salary payment.


Over what period will I get paid out? 


If you’re permanently unable to work due to illness or injury, Standard Bank will give you a monthly pay-out up to the age of 65. However, regular assessments will take place to determine whether you are able to go back to work or are actively looking for work.


Will you pay out if I’m fired?



Why do I have to keep paying my premium if I am claiming?  


This is to make sure that you remain covered while claiming. 


Do I have to be permanently disabled to claim?   


No, Salary Protection also covers temporary disability due to illness or injury. Standard Bank will make regular assessments to verify whether your illness or injury remains severe enough to prevent you from going back to work.


What kind of tax documents can you supply me?   


We will supply you with an IT3 document (for contributions) to submit for your tax rebate and an IRP5 (for benefit payments) as proof of earnings if you claim from SARS (South African Revenue Service).


Is my Salary Protection premium tax deductible?   


Yes, we will send you an annual tax certificate that you can submit to SARS. SARS will then decide on your rebate.

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If I get retrenched and don't find another job , what happens in that situation.

Community Coordinator

Hi @sphamandla6zn,


Standard Bank Salary Protection covers you only if you’re unable to work due to illness or injury, Standard Bank will give you a monthly pay-out up to the age of 65.


Can I get claim forms please 

Community Coordinator

Hello @Dudzshiba_12,


Can I ask that you forward your ID number and contact details to [email protected] with the subject line "Request: Salary Protection Claims Forms" so that we can assist you accordingly.


Kind Regards,