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Serious Illness

What is serious illness about?          


When you are insured with this product, you will be covered by a lump sum payment suffering from if a serious illness should incur.


Is there a waiting period for the conditions covered?   


A three-month waiting period applies for cancer only. All other conditions are covered from the date of the policy agreement, namely the cover start date.


What types of cancer do you cover?


Standard Bank covers any malignant (cancerous) solid tumour that is characterised by an uncontrolled growth of cells and an invasion of the tissue of origin. Additionally, we cover any cancer of the blood that requires either chemotherapy, radiation therapy or a bone marrow transplant (as recommended by an oncologist). Prostate cancer is only covered if the tumour can be felt on examination, as confirmed by an urologist. Non-melanoma skin cancers are only covered if the tumour is larger than 2 cm, as confirmed by a pathologist. Kaposi’s sarcoma is excluded.


Can I have more than one policy?    


Yes, as long as you qualify for it and pay the premiums.


Why does the bank only cover stroke, heart attack, cancer and open heart surgery?   


Because these four conditions are very common in South Africa and make up a significant portion of serious illness faced by people.


What if I already have one of these conditions? 


We will need to ask you a few medical questions as part of our underwriting before determining whether or not we can cover you.


When will the bank pay for a stroke?  


Death of the brain tissue due to inadequate blood supply or bleeding within the skull will qualify you for a pay-out. This must be confirmed by a CT scan or an MRI. Three months after the event a neurologist must confirm that neurological signs and symptoms of dead brain tissue are still present.


Are the proceeds of my pay-outs intended for any specific use?   


No, you may use the money for anything you choose.

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