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Vehicle Insurance

Is the other party's vehicle covered in case of an accident?          



Are vehicle market values adjusted automatically?

Not on all policies. Customers are advised to call in every 3 to 4 months to update vehicle values.


Is my vehicle covered if I cause an accident?         

Yes, if your vehicle is insured for comprehensive cover.


I got a discount when I bought the vehicle. Why should I insure it for more than what I paid for it?      

Because in the first twelve months the vehicle will be replaced if a total loss occurs or the new purchase price would be paid out.


Should I specify any other driver that might be using my vehicle?

No, you will still enjoy cover but subject to the other person having a valid South African driver's licence.


Do I get a discount on the premium for installing a tracking device?         



Can I make use of the car hire benefit if my vehicle breaks down?           

No, car hire cover is subject to the vehicle being un-driveable as a result of an insured event.


If my vehicle is not inspected within the prescribed period, will the cover cease?           

Depends on the policy. Normally cover for theft, hi-jacking, windscreen and car radios are suspended.


Why did the premium increase when I changed address?  

The risk situation changed and the Underwriter regards the new area as a higher risk than the previous area.


I use my vehicle to attend meetings +/- twice a month. Do I have to insure it for business use?           

Depends on the Underwriter. This would be referred to the Underwriter for clarification.


I bought my son/daughter a vehicle. Can I insure it on my policy?

Yes, normally if the son/daughter is under 25 years, earn no income and is still dependant on you.


Here is the link to insure your car:

Contact us here: 0860 123 999

Roadside Assistance: 0861 007 247


Submit a claim with your insurance provider

Claims contact numbers:

  • Stansure - 0860 109 459
  • Santam - 0860 505 911
  • Hollard - 0860 000 351
  • SIL Touch Up - 0860 111 251
  • King Price - 0860 005 500
  • First For Women - 0861 111 805
  • Auto & General - 0861 600 224

Emergency assist (home & roadside):

  • Stansure (Roadside) - 0861 007 247
  • Stansure (Home) - 0860 123 445
  • Hollard - 0860 123 365
  • King Price - 0860 555 523
  • First For Women - 0860 104 212
  • Auto & General - 0860 104 210
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