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What do I need, in order to make an international payment on the app?


You will need your beneficiary's:

    • Account number or International Bank Account Number (IBAN)
    • SWIFT/BIC code
    • Gender (not required if you a paying a company)
    • Address: street address, city, country
    • Routing code (for certain countries only)


Please contact your beneficiary to get these details.



What is a SWIFT code?


SWIFT is used for sending money overseas.


The BIC (Bank Information Code) is used by the SWIFT system to identify specific banks worldwide. A SWIFT/BIC code consists of either 8 or 11 characters.





What is a BOP code?


South African legislation requires financial institution to provide a reason why international payments are made.


The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) uses a set of predetermined codes to identify why money is paid overseas. This code is called a Balance of Payment (BoP) code.


Example: 401 – Gifts


Please note that we currently do not support international payments that require documentary evidence or payments initiated by a business or foreign nationals. Please visit your nearest Standard Bank Bureau de Change if you are a foreign national or if you want to make business related payments or payments that require documentary supporting evidence.






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Hi.. when I go on the app and select this option from "Pay > Pay a new recipient > A recipient outside South Africa" then I always get "Unexpected Error", "We have experienced an unexpected error". I am using iphone 4s. Please help. Thanks

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Trianing to make a payment from BNZ to Standard Bank, but they require a “Sort Code”? 6digit?

The swift code doen’t work!


So we cant deposit to international banks??  If my acount cant do that then i have to close im stressd by this acount 

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I am trying to select International Payments on the mobile App and it does not allow me to connect. Is this International Payment option down? I made an international payment 4 days ago with no problem?