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Add an employee profile(s) for Salary Payments on Internet Banking

This article is for small businesses who use Standard Bank Internet Banking.




  • Add employee's basic details and then add payment details in their employee profile in order to process a salary payment.


How it works:


  • You need to be a registered digital banking use to add or access employee profiles.
  • Standard Bank Internet Banking lists your employee profiles separately to your beneficiary profiles.
  • You can add employee profiles into various employee groups


Add employees for Salary Payments:


  1. On the Transact menu, select Salary Payments.
  2. Next to the search bar, select Add Employee.
  3. This adds an empty employee profile for you to fill out.
  4. Enter the employee's Personal Details, following these guidelines:
    • Enter their first name and last name,
    • Enter South African Identification Number or,
    • Enter Passport Number. 
    • Standard Bank Internet Banking requires a South African Identification Number or a Passport number that is unique to each employee
  5. (Optional) Enter employee number
  6. Enter the employee’s Bank Details:
    • enter their full bank name,
    • enter branch code, and
    • account number
  7. (Optional) You can select to verify if the employee’s bank account details are correct
    • Standard Bank Internet Banking requires a South African Identification Number, Bank Account Number and Employee Name and Surname to verify account details
  8. (Optional) You can select to add an employee profile to a group
  9. Read, understand and if you agree with the Terms and Conditions, click Next.
  10. Click Confirm Details.
  11. Your new employee is under the Employees tab within Salary payments.


What's next?


Pay your employees individually or using a group.

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