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What is a CSP?           

A customer-selected pin (CSP) is a unique number for Internet, cellphone and telephone banking that works in the same way as your ATM PIN.


Is my CSP the same as my ATM pin?

No. Your CSP does not replace your ATM PIN and it cannot be used at an ATM.


How do I get a CSP?  

To get a CSP and password, you have to register for Internet banking. You will be requested to create a CSP and password during the registration process. Note: If you use telephone or cellphone banking, you do not have to create a new customer-selected PIN (CSP) because you can use the same CSP to access Internet banking.


I've forgotten my CSP. Help.

You can reset your CSP and password using a one-time password (OTP). Click on Reset Password and CSP and enter your card number and ATM PIN when logged into Internet Banking. You will then be prompted to create a new CSP and password.

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i tried changing my cps  but it keeps on telling me i now have to register for this channel and so stopping me from changing the cps

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On which device are you trying to change your CSP?

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I am using computer

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How to change CSP

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How do I change my csp pin am using Samsung Grand Prime Pro please help

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