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How to reverse a Debit Order on Online Banking

The below steps will assist you on how to do  a "Debit Order Reversal" on Internet Banking


Step 1:


  • You need to be successfully signed-in to Online Banking (IBR) and can see the “Dashboard” 
  • Then select the “Transact Tab”. 
  • Select the “Manage” tab then the “Reverse debit orders” tab.


Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 16.30.41.png





































Step 2:


  • Select a debit order that is to be reversed and select the Reverse action icon. 
  • Note:  “Reverse Debit Orders that went off your account in the last 40 days for R200 or less.”


Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 16.34.10.png






































Step 3:


  • You will need to give a reason for your reversal.
  • Note:  “Reversing a debit order payment does not stop a debit order from recurring. Should you wish to stop future payments, use the Stop debit order option or call 0860 123 000 or visit a branch.”



Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 16.35.34.png





































Step 4:


  • Then select from the drop-down list on the Reason for reversing field.  The four reasons are displayed as: 
    • I didn't authorise it.
    • Incorrect amount or date 
    • I stopped this debit order 
    • I cancelled the contract 
  • Note: Below are Industry Codes that are stored at the back-end and the reason on the front end need to be matched back to the Industry Codes for storage. 

1.#30 Transaction not authorised. 

2. #32 Debit order in contradiction with mandate. 

3.#34Debit order has been stopped. 

4.# 36 Contract has been cancelled.



Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 16.41.14.png





































Step 5:


  • Once you have selected the reversal reason from the dropdown box the customer must Read and Accept the Terms & Conditions by clicking in the Box indicated.
  • Note: I understand that Standard Bank will not be responsible for any errors resulting from incorrect information I give.
  • If the reversed debit relates to a debit order you know about, we recommend that you advise the beneficiary of this dispute
    • Cancel button - enabled
    • Back button - enabled
    • Next button – disabled until T&C’s are accepted.


Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 16.44.13.png







































Step 6:


  • Once the customer has accepted the T&C’s the Next button will be enabled and the customer selects “Next”.


Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 16.46.41.png






































Step 7:


  • Note: The Confirmation page is displayed with the summary details of the debit order that has been reversed:
  • Message: Debit Order reserved successfully. funds will reflect in 2 business days.
  • You can then reverse more debit orders or select the Done Tab.


Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 16.58.21.png

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On my side this option is giving me error stating ( something went wrong try again) this option has been de activated since 28/03/2019

Community Coordinator

Hello @pat3 


This might be due to a technical error, please try again and note this process is also available on your Mobile Banking App. 

You will need to update your Mobile Banking App Software to current update.


Let us know should you still experience any issues on this.





I have phoned 8 times and held on for hours, i have to reverse a debit order but i am not coming through.

please assist me

Community Coordinator

Hello @Louise5,


Please be advised that you can now reverse unauthorised debit orders on the online banking platform, as well as, the mobile banking app. Please visit: for more information on how you can reverse your unauthorised debit orders on the online/internet banking platform, as well as, for mobile banking app reversals.


Kind Regards,


Occasional Visitor

So if it's more than 200 I can't do reverse derbit?


I reversed some debit users in Friday it's Tuesday now but still the mine is not back in my account.


I reversed some debit orders on friday it's Tuesday now but still the funds are not reflecting back in my account.

New Member

Hi, how do I reverse R200 + debit order?

Community Coordinator

Hello @Mabu ,


Please visit: for more information on how you can reverse your unauthorised debit orders on the online/internet banking platform, as well as, for mobile banking app reversals.


Let us know should you require further assistance on this.




New Member


New Member

Why are there no options to reverse an amount higher than the R200.00.

New Member

How to Reverse Normal payments 

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