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Learn about new Online Banking

Our new Online Banking has been developed and updated just for you. The new and improved look and feel, user-friendly experience, and added benefits and extra features promote self-service and easy banking, allowing you to bank anytime, anywhere.

We understand you may have a few questions about moving from our old Internet Banking to new Online Banking. If we haven’t answered them below, let us know:


Q: How does the new Online Banking differ?
While your online banking profile will remain the same, including your beneficiaries, as well as all the features and benefits you’ve come to know and love, the look and feel of the site has changed, and a whole range of new features and extra benefits has been added promoting self-service banking. This means you can do more with less bank interaction. Go to the ‘transact’ tab to see all your features.


Q: What are these extra benefits?

  • One login: Access all your accounts in one place through any device using your email address and password. You can also access your Online Banking profile both online and on the Standard Bank app and can link up to 30 cards while managing them on one profile.
  • Bank anytime, anywhere: Access all your features and benefits easily with less interaction with your bank: open a new savings or investment account in seconds, make international payments and even change monthly payment limits yourself.
  • More features: There’s a wider range of smarter, faster and simpler add-ons you can use.
  • International payments: Make simple international payments anywhere in the world.
  • Access both your Personal and Business Banking: Transact on your Personal and Business Banking profiles separately without logging out of your profile.
  • Manage your business more efficiently: As a business account holder, you can delegate another person to capture payments on your behalf while you approve payments on the go.


Q: Once I’ve registered for new Online Banking, can I go back to my old Internet Banking?
A: No. We’ll soon be disabling our old Internet Banking, so no one will have access to this site anymore. We’re moving all our developments and support from the old Internet Banking site to our new Online Banking site. By doing this, we’re aiming to create a far superior online banking experience for you.


Q: How do I register for new Online Banking?
As we’re moving away from using card numbers and CSP numbers as login details, you’ll need to create new login details using your email address and a new eight-character alphanumeric password. We’ll then send you an OTP which once you’ve entered, you’ll be registered and signed in to your new Online Banking profile.

Using only your email address and password makes it easier to access your Online Banking profile online and via the Standard Bank app as well as link multiple cards to your profile.


Q: Is it safe moving to the new Online Banking site?
Yes! To keep your profile extra safe, please ensure that you never give your login details to anyone. Ensure your password is strong by creating an eight-character alphanumeric password containing at least one upper case and one lower case letter and one number.


Q: How do I verify this is not a phishing scam?
Please note: we’ll never send you a link via email or an SMS to input your bank login details. We’ll also never call you to request your Online Banking information. To be certain, visit our website and select Internet Banking.

Please report any suspicious behaviour or activity to [email protected] and call our fraud department on 0800 222 050.


Q: How long will it take me to register?
It’ll only take you five minutes to set up your new Online Banking profile.


Q: Why can I not create or choose my own unique username?
Email is the only option currently, and we’ve maintained email to ensure consistency across Online Banking and the app. You can use any registered email address.


Q: What if I don’t have an email address?
Without an email address, you’ll not be able to register for new Online Banking. Please go to your preferred internet provider for assistance on creating an email account.


Q: What if I don’t have my phone with me to receive the OTP or my number has changed?
Unless you’ve chosen to receive your OTPs via email, you’ll need to have your phone with you to receive your OTP to confirm and complete your registration. If you have a new number, you need to update your OTP details at your nearest branch and re-activate your OTP.


Q: What if I did not receive the email or SMS for my OTP?
Click ‘resend’ for a new OTP to be sent to your email or phone.


Q: Are there any additional costs?
No, there are no monthly fees for internet banking. Only normal transaction fees apply based on your account type. Visit our pricing guide for more information.


Q: Can I move to new Online Banking using the app?
If you’ve registered for the app, you can use your login details to access new Online Banking online using your laptop, PC, tablet or mobile.


Q: I have already registered for new Online Banking, but I forgot my password or email?

  • Password: Click ‘forgot your password’. You’ll receive an OTP and will be able to reset your password.
  • Email option 1: Enter your old Internet Banking details on the left side of the screen; you’ll be able to see your email address linked to your new Online Banking profile.
  • Email option 2: The client contact centre (CCC) can assist you.


Q: I have new login details for my personal banking, but still use old Internet Banking for my business banking? Do I have to create another account for my business banking?
A: No. You can either link your business account to the existing card registered for Online Banking, or you can add your card that is currently used for business banking to your new Online Banking profile.


Q: I don’t have time for this. Can my Professional Banker register for me?
No. Owing to the sensitive information you’ll need to enter, you’ll need to personally register for new Online Banking yourself.


Q: Can someone at a branch help me register?

A: If the branch has an Internet Banking kiosk, you can register there, and we can assist you. But due to the sensitive information you’ll need to enter, you’ll need to personally register for new Online Banking yourself.


Q: How do I link my cards to one profile?
Go to ‘profile and settings’ and click ‘add a dashboard’ to link your card.


Q: Why can’t I access my shares on new Online Banking?
This feature will only be available on the new Online Banking at a later stage, but it is still available on old Internet Banking.


Q: Who can help and support me if I have any questions about the new site?
All your current support channels will be available to you when you need help or assistance.


You can also contact our Self-Service Banking Contact Centre on 0860 123 000  (8:00am to 9:00pm on weekdays and 8:00am to 4:00pm on weekends and public holidays). Alternatively, you can visit your nearest branch during office hours or speak to your banker.

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Why is it that I cannot see the balance amount after every transaction like we used to with the old site. All you see is money going in and money going out but not the balance after a transaction. I know that we get a monthly statement that shows that information but I want to see it online as well.

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Hello Msominomvuyo , Please clear your cache on your PC and restart your device. After doing this, please login and try again.
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How do I link all my standard bank accounts that I use in business online ?

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How can I change the email address linked to my device so that I can access my account ?
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