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New website launch FAQs


  1. Why is Standard Bank changing the website?

At Standard Bank, we work hard every day to give you, our customer, what you want most. By speaking with many customers, we learned that this was convenience – the ability to take care of banking needs at any time or place.

But convenience and ease on this level can only be delivered to you through a world-class digital experience. This brings us to a Next for both you and us: all our sales, services and transactions are now enabled online at our Online Store. The first phase was launched 12 April 2018.


  1. Which browser versions does the website support?

You’ll need Internet Explorer 11 (IE11), Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to use the site.


  1. Are there any main sections on the site that have changed?

We’ve made changes to the following sections and options:

  • Internet Banking login option: we’ve moved the button to the top right-hand corner and renamed it “Sign into your accounts”
  • UCount Rewards option: the button’s moved to the top section, and we’ve renamed it “Rewards”, but you’ll still land on our UCount page
  • Forex option: you’ll find this option under the “Our Products & Services” tab.


  1. What are the new features on the new website to look forward to?

At our Online Store, you’ll get the information you need quickly and easily, because it’s all in logical groups. For example, all savings and investment products, including wealth-type products, are under the “Grow My Money” menu tab.

We’ve also added a new functionality, so you can now view and compare the benefits and features of our products.


  1. How will you make sure the new website is still user-friendly?

The Online Store is user-friendly, because customers were part of creating it and the journeys that they will go through on it. The entire website has been adapted to match how customers think and search for different products, ensuring the website is easy to use.

Once the Online Store is live, more tests will be done to make sure its user-friendliness is maintained and further developed, if needed, according to customer needs.


  1. Will I be able to access the new website using my saved bookmarks?

No. Unfortunately, the path to our new website has changed, so you won’t be able to access it through your saved bookmarks. Type in to get to the Online Store, then save it again to your bookmarks.


  1. Is the site designed for larger and smaller screens?

Yes. Our teams have designed the new website to suit any device that you may use to access it. If you use a small or large screen, the site will fit to it.


  1. Why are some sections that I’m used to seeing in the main navigation not there when I visit other sections?

The new website looks at customers’ needs first, before a product name. This should help you easily find products and sections.


  1. How are you helping your customers move to the site?

The site is both easy to understand and navigate. But, if you have any problems finding your way around, we are ready to guide you.


  1. What steps should I follow if I want to update my browser from Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) to Internet Explorer 11 (IE11)?

To see what version of IE you are using,  click the Help tab, select about Internet Explorer. If you have an outdated version you will need to update it here.

Alternatively, you can use the Chrome browser to access our new website by typing in


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New Member

I personally think this new website is BAD.

The old site was much easier to use.

It was also nicer to look at.

The flow of the transactions was better.


Lots of pictures on the new website just causes more confusion.

I feel that the security is less on the new website.

A single line login does not feel good.



Occasional Visitor

I think the new app is good, but all I need to know is where on the new standard Bank app will I find the

proof of payment. Thank you

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