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EAP Limit Increase

You can now increase your EAP limit on Mobile Banking App.


Get more for your banking, manage your daily and monthly limit on your mobile banking app and online banking.

The video will give you detailed steps on how to increase your limit.


Follow the below steps on how to reverse your debit order less than R200:


  • Go to App Store/ Apple Store on your respective device,
  • Upgrade to latest version of your Standard Bank App,
  • Login using your internet banking credentials,
  • Tap on more,
  • Tap on manage cards,
  • Select the card you would like to amend the limit
  • Go to EAP limit,
  • Update your monthly or daily.





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HI there,


I am having trouble transferring money using my Std Bank app. I need to transfer to a UK bank account (HSBC) which I do every month as I am currently living in the UK. The app told me that my EAP limit is too low but it's set at more than what I want to transfer (eg if I am transferring R500, it is set at £700). This happens about once a year. Why is it happening and how can I solve the problem?