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How to increase your Revolving Credit Loan (RCP) Limit on the Mobile Banking App

1) Can I increase my RCP Limit on the Mobile banking channel?


Yes, you can increase your RCP on our SBG Mobile App.


2) What information is required in order to get a quote?


Income and expenses.


3) Does the quote mean that I am approved?


The quote means you are provisionally approved subject to Ts&Cs.


4) How long is the quote valid for?


The application will be saved for 7 days. You may return to the Standard Bank Banking App to continue with the application when you are ready.


5) Can a quote differ across platforms?


The quote is available omni-channel. Meaning, if you initiated the application on Internet Banking, the same quote will be available on the Mobile App.


6) Is this only for existing customers?


Yes, with an existing RCP and SBSA Cheque Account.


7) How long will it take for the funds to reflect?


Almost immediately after all conditions are met.


8) The funds are not reflecting, who do I contact?


Our call centre at (0860 123 000) or any branch.


9) Can I choose the loan amount I require?


Yes, you can adjust the loan to a lower amount.


10) Do I need to take out insurance?


For the Revolving Credit Plan, insurance is optional.


11) Am I able to update employment and residential details?


Residential and employment address cannot be updated for this process, however, you may proceed to the branch to update all your relevant details.


12) In what instances would my debit order details be pre-populated?


If your declared income has been confirmed.


13) How long is the offer valid for?


The offer is valid for 7 days.


14) If the offer is rejected and I re-apply later will the original quote be provided?


If an offer is rejected, the application becomes obsolete. You will have re-apply and the quote might change.




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