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Requesting and Paying a Vehicle Finance Settlement Quote on the Mobile Banking App

Do I have to pay for the courier delivery service when I select the option of “Delivered to you”?

There is no cost associated with the courier delivery service.


When will I receive a paid up letter for the vehicle which has been settled?  

The paid up letter will be included in the document pack together with your original NaTIS letter, which you will either collect from Standard Bank or receive via delivery to your specified delivery address.


When will my VAF account balance reflect as zero?

This can take up to 5 working days.


Once I have settled my VAF account, what other VAF functionality will I still have on the SBG mobile app?

The vehicle finance calculator as well as the opportunity to apply for pre-approval of a vehicle finance loan.


Will I still be required to call the CCC to check if the quote is accurate?

No, the correct settlement amount will appear on the app at the time of settling the VAF account.


Does the quote/settlement reflect the vehicle details or deal number? If it reflects the deal number, when will it be changed to the vehicle details for those customers with multiple vehicles?

Yes, the settlement quote shows the full account number/deal number as well as vehicle details.  This is a standard feature for any settlement letter.


Will I be able to retrieve the payment confirmation at a later stage?

Yes, the payment will reflect as with any other payment transaction as seen currently on your cheque/savings account.


After settling my VAF account, will I be required to phone the contact centre in order for my VAF account to be closed?

No, the account will settle the exact amount which is not editable and trigger your NATIS request. Through all of this the account is closed off automatically as the NATIS team will not release the NATIS document unless the account has been fully settled.

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I bought a vehicle from Auction Nation that was financed through Standard Bank Vehicle and Asset Finance. I was provided with the original eNATIS papers for the vehicle but no VAF settlement letter was included. I now need this in order to sell the vehicle. Please can someone at VAF assist me. Thanks 


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OI need the settlement figure for our Honda Brio 1.2 account number 611092660001 

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I would like to have my vehicle settlement quote, can you assist me via online banking? 

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Can u assist in my setteling amout of my vehicle