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View your Pin on the Mobile Banking App

Can I view my pin for all my cards?

No, only for Cheque and Credit Cards.


Can I change my Pin on the banking app?

No, you can only view your pin.


Is this feature available on the other self- service channels?

No, it’s only available on the banking app.


I don’t have an ID number; can I view my Pin using a passport?

No, you can only use a South African Identity Number.


I am overseas and does not get SMS messages, how will I get my OTP?     

If you do not get SMS messages when overseas, you would need to amend the OTP from SMS to email via the banking app or Online Banking prior to travelling overseas.


How long will the Pin be displayed on the screen?

10 seconds only, with the option to View Again.


Can I view the pin of my secondary card? EG. I have a card on my husband’s account?

Yes, if the card is in your name and linked to your digital profile you will be able to.


If I am unable to use this service will I be required to visit a branch to get my pin?

Yes, the branch can reset your PIN as they do not have the ability for you to view pin.


Will I be able to View my pin if the card’s pin has been blocked?

Yes, you will be able to view pin but this will not lift the block. The pin needs to be reset at a branch in order to lift the block.


Is there a restriction to the number of times that I can view my pin?

No, there are no restrictions to the number of times you can view your pin.


Are there any restrictions to View Pin?

You will always be required to enter an OTP.

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