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How do I set up my child’s Kidz Banking profile?

Step 1 - Parent’s Banking app

  • From the main screen of your Standard Bank smartphone app, tap on ‘Explore’ at the bottom of the screen
  • Select ‘Kidz Banking’
  • Select ‘Get Started’
  • Tap on the account you would like to link, and a green tick appears
  • Tap on ‘Next’
  • Enter the following details: Child’s ID number, child’s cellphone number (if they have one), the cellphone network provider of that cellphone number (eg Vodacom, MTN etc)
  • Choose a password/PIN (must be 5 digit long - and cannot be concurrent or consecutive numbers)
  • Select the parent account to link to the child’s account (for any money that goes between you and your child, for completed missions or cash requests etc)
  • Tap ‘review’
  • Tap ‘confirm’
  • At this point, you can also add other children’s accounts, by tapping ‘Create another profile’
  • Tap ‘done’ to return to your app’s landing screen
  • The Kids Banking tile will now appear on your dashboard. Tap on this tile at any time to manage your child’s Kidz Banking profile. If you don’t see any accounts listed there, it may be because:
    • You don’t have your child’s Sum1 account linked to your Internet Banking profile… (please sign-in to Internet Banking to link it)
    • Your child’s Sum1 account is linked to a card that is on another dashboard… (please switch to your dashboard connected to the right card)
    • You don’t have a Sum1 account at all... (take your primary card to your nearest branch and link it)

Step 2: Kidz Banking app

  • Visit the Android or Apple app store and install ‘Kidz Banking’
  • Open the app and tap on ‘Adult login’
  • Sign in with your Standard Bank ID (this is the same one that you use for the main banking app)
  • A verification code will be sent to the email address linked to your Standard Bank ID. Enter this into the app, and tap ‘Verify’
  • Tap on ‘Go to log in’ so your child can get started.
  • Child now taps on their profile. He enters the PIN that the parent created earlier on the Parent’s App
  • The child can now explore the world of Kidz Banking!

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Tried to access my child's sum1 account at the atm however it said no linked account?? the card use to work previously now it won't allow me to link it as it's requesting a cellphone number but my daughter doesn't have one 

Community Coordinator

Hi, please call our Self service Banking Helpdesk on 0860 238 837 for assistance.


The process explained here is so far removed from the options available now in 2018 August. Please update this page SB???

Occasional Visitor

How long does it take to create or reset a new pin for a Visa card?


Occasional Visitor

How long does it take to create or reset a new pin for a Visa card?

Occasional Visitor

How long does it take to create or reset a new pin for a Visa card at the branch?