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Make wishes - lion habitat

lion_small.pngHow does my child get to the lion habitat (Wishes)?

From the main map, simply tap on the sign that says ‘Wishes’.


What can my child do in the lion habitat?

Children can create a wish (something that they would like to buy, with a rand value and a timeframe), and track their savings towards reaching that goal.


How does my child create a wish?

When you’re in the lion habitat, tap on the image of the cave. Choose a name for your wish, enter a rand value (how much it is likely to cost) and the date by which you’d like to have achieved the wish.


How do I see my child’s wishes?

From the parent’s banking app, select the Kidz Banking tile. On the Overview tab, you will see a Wishes card, which shows the details of your child’s wish.


How does my child edit/delete a wish?

Inside the cave, tap on the red ‘X’ next to your progress bar, and confirm that you would like to delete the wish.


What happens when the wish is achieved?

When your child’s account balance reaches the rand value of the wish, the lion will create a fireworks display in the sky - to celebrate achieving the wish.


How many active wishes can my child have?

For the initial release, children can only have one active wish at any time.


How does my child return to the Main Map?

To return to the main map, select the ‘back’ icon on the top left of the screen.


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