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How do I link my cards to the app?

Once you have downloaded the new app for the first time, and created a Standard Bank ID, you will be asked to link your cards (this “pulls through” the accounts and beneficiaries that are associated with this card)


Firstly, you will be asked if you have Internet Banking or not.


  • If you use Internet Banking, enter the card details of the card that you use when logging on
  • If you do not use Internet Banking, enter the card details of the card you use at an ATM

                 Activate my accounts.png                                       



We will check to see if your cellphone number is registered on the Standard Bank database. If it is, then we will send a One-Time Password (OTP) to your cellphone.



If your cellphone number is not registered on our database, we will ask you to supply it.


       Verify one-time PIN.png                                                  


If you try three times to link your card and you are unsuccessful, you will need to go to the branch.


If for some reason there is an error or a problem entering the cellphone number, and you are unable to register the card, you may also have to visit a branch.


To link more cards to your app, you will have to create a new dashboard. Swipe the screen from left to right, in the 'Dashboards' section, select "+ Add new..." and follow the prompts. 

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New Member

I do not have a banking atm card. I just want to link my credit card to the app. How do i di that?

New Member

i have just learned that my card has been blocked due to non payment why because on the 24th i paid R2400???

Community Coordinator

Hi scmarumo,

This is concerning. Can you please forward your query, ID number and contact details to [email protected], so one of our consultants can investigate this matter and get back to you.

Occasional Visitor

 i would like to know how i can link my vehicle finance account to my bank card in case i want to make extra payment 

Community Coordinator

Hello Faith,


When you log onto the app, there is an option VAF, if your VAF account is not linked, please visit a branch for assistance. 

New Member

Can Link my personal BlueBean credit card to the application where my business account is and will only I be the only one able to see it as the business account is accessible by others?