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When creating my Standard Bank ID, why can’t I use my international number (if I am living overseas), to receive my one-time-PIN?

Currently, you can only use local, South African, cellphone numbers when creating your Standard Bank ID. In time, we will enhance this to allow any cellphone numbers, from anywhere in the world, to be used.

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Why can't they send my OTP to my email address . I have been to the bank to change and still not done I live in Mozambique I can't go to Standard bank in South Africa every time there's a problem

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Urgent situation! 

I am living in Korea and I am trying to set up limits on my cards on my bank application  but i can't receive  the message now for it as my sim card for south africa  does not work here. What can I do?? I need to use my cards abroad for the next 6 month's  and tibia very important that I get notifications  about when I use my card abroad. Can I  please get emailed instead of sms notifications??? Please help!  

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Hi warnerlala,


Please call our International help desk for assistance on this matter on +27 11 299 4520. 


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I am Helena and currently I am living in Angola. My phone was robbed. Now that I have a new phone I downloaded standard Bank App and it sends the one time pin to my number which I left active in SA. The problem is, my cousin is not receiving the OTP. 


Without the OTP I can not sign in. The app says the the OTP is sent to my number but there's nothing on the phone. 


I have requested to receive the OTP on my email, just as my husband has requested FNB and they did it. But my request has not been answered. 

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I am having a problem as I cannot divine my app as my ID pic is old and it doesn't recognise me. I also need to use an overseas number so would prefer my OTP to go to my email.  I find Std Bank very inflexible compared with FNB.

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Digime. Not divine.