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App EAP limit increase unavailable - temporarily

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I'd like to increase my EAP limit as soon as possible
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Hello @Sinazo1


Please note that you will have to contact us or visit your nearest branch to activate this feature if you doing it for the first time on your App.

Below are the steps on how to increase your EAP limit on your App:


  • Select the menu bar icon  from the bottom right of your App lending screen
  • Select ‘Manage Cards’
  • Select the highlighted card (this is the card you used to create the dashboard)
  • Select ‘Monthly EAP Limit’
  • Select the current EAP limit amount, and change this to the new limit that you’d like
  • Select ‘Next’
  • You will receive a one-time password (OTP) delivered to your cellphone or email
  • Enter this OTP
  • A screen will confirm your limit is updated and you will receive an SMS to confirm your limit has been changed
  • Your new limit is applied permanently (i.e for this month, and all months after that)


To activate your EAP limit you can contact us here: 0860 123 000, or visit the nearest branch.




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Me too i need to change my eap limits
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Hello @Sedikanelo,


Kindly be advised that you have the option to amend your EAP limit on the mobile banking app or via the new Internet Banking provided that it has been activated at a branch or the call center (0860 123 000).  Please note that you have to be registered on Internet Banking, making use of the following link:, in order to amend your limit. Please remember that your EAP limit allows you to make online payments and includes EFT's, to increase your EAP on the new Internet Banking, please follow these prompts:


- Login to the new Internet Banking

- Click "transact" on the homepage

- Tap on "change monthly payment limit"

Click on the "change limit" tab

- Input "new limit" and "save"


Once you have completed these steps, you will receive a confirmation text on your phone highlighting the amended limit.


In order to increase your EAP on the mobile banking app, kindly make use of the following steps:


- Log on to the app,

- Tap on the tier that highlights your balance and account details,

- Select the "Cards" option,

- Scroll down to the bottom and you will come across the "Cards limit" option,

- Select the option that you'd like to amend (e.g. EAP),

- Input new limit under "Amount" and tap next on the top right corner of your app display,

- A One Time Pin will be sent to your phone (input the pin),

- Your limit will be updated.


Kindly let me know upon completion if this process has been helpful.





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