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Awful service - Cape Town Thibault Square Branch

New Contributor

Standard bank has such poor service for international clients (and from other reviews even SA ones) that it's hard to put into words. I have a professional account with them that I pay over R200 a month for. I was told I'd have access to private bankers all the time.


I message the bankers, I email everyone (bankers, prestigebanking, ibsupport) and the response time is incredibly slow. In fact, you lucky if you even get a response. I've recevied more out of office responses from my private bankers than I have actual responses to my queries. My banker on whatsapp actually reads my messages and doesn't respond. They apologise way after and say they'll respond at a certain which they never do.


Seriously, to anyone considering banking with standard bank give them a miss. My accounts have disappeared from my mobile app and I can't get online either and this situation has been ongoing for a month now. I don't even want to think what would've happened to me if I didnt have a bank account in the country I'm living. I would've been stranded. And my 24/7 private bankers just doesnt seem to want to resolve my situation. You have to actually beg them for basic scraps of assitance.


Avoid this bank like the plague.

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