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Can I make transfers between accounts, using the app?

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Can I make transfers between accounts, using the a...


I have my credit card and my current account as my dashboard on the app. I would like to make an electronic payment from my current acc to the credit card. How do I do this?
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Re: Can I make transfers between accounts, using t...

Hello @MandisaM,


Please be advised that you are able to transact between your current account and credit card on the mobile banking app provided that the cards have been linked. Kindly note that the linking of the cards can be done at your nearest branch or at via or customer care center making use of this number 0860 123 000. Once you've been assisted with linking the cards, your credit card will appear as a tile on the dashboard in your app. In order to transfer funds from your current account to your credit card, please follow these prompts;


- log onto the mobile banking app,

- Tap on the tier that shows your account balance and details,

- Tap on "Transfer"

- Input the amount you wish to transfer,

- Enter your reference and tap on review.


Kind Regards,


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